Outstanding in the Field is coming to The Bahamas

For more than two decades, Outstanding in The Field has been setting up dining tables in some of the most remote and unlikely locations all over the world – from South Africa to San Diego. And early next year, as The Bahamas begins to celebrate its 50th year of independence, Outstanding in The Field, a roving restaurant without walls, will bring its unique culinary experience to Bahamian shores.

The event will feature renowned chef Simeon Hall Jr., who said it will be a one-of-a-kind event for Bahamian and visitors alike.

Outstanding in the Field said guests can “expect a colorful and fragrant feast featuring all sorts of local delicacies from the surrounding lands and sea. Conch is sure to make an appearance, along with the islands’ bounty of tropical fruits.”

Outstanding in the Field will set up a dining experience on a remote beach in The Bahamas on January 13. Tickets for the experience went on sale this week. Hall said only 150 seats are available.

In the past, Outstanding in the Field has hosted its culinary experiences in vineyards, city streets and even on a dock.

Hall said what will set The Bahamas experience apart is that guests will be ferried to the beach.

“It ain’t just being in The Bahamas on the beach,” he said. “It’s being in The Bahamas and having to go on a boat.

Chef Simeon Hall Jr.

“We’re gonna have a welcome bite and drink as people go on the boat, with Bahamian music. That is what makes it unique in this location.

“And bear in mind, every location they go on they try to do something very unique.

“So, they’ve done it in all these amazing places, but now they get to take a ferry boat to an island, which isn’t something they’ve done before.”

Hall said the food will be sourced from local farmers and fishermen.

“If you know me then you know I epitomize locality,” he said.

“That’s the fundamental thread of Outstanding in the Field. They travel the world to connect their followers with the local experience.”

Hall, who is known for his charisma along with his credible chef skills, said through the menu and his storytelling during the hours-long experience, he will take participants on a tour of The Bahamas.

“Everybody knows that my title is culinary griot,” he said. 

“We tell stories through our food. As a local event, we’re not just going to cook food, it’s going to be food that you can relate to and understand.

“Bear in mind that we are going to be on an island. So, all of the food is going to be prepared over an open fire.

“That’s how we’re cooking and that comes with a story. I always say, food that comes with a story always tastes good. You never have bad food when someone’s telling you, ‘this is my grammy’s recipe and this is how she used to do this’.

“So, that’s the icing on the cake. You’re not just eating, you’re fellowshipping through food and that food has a story.

“We surmise that most of the people will be visitors, so it’s great for them to understand what it is that we’re talking about through our food because your plate is your flag. That’s how those people will connect to The Bahamas.” 

Hall said his team will joining forces with several local businesses and the school of hospitality at The University of The Bahamas, which he said will be a great opportunity for students.

Hall also noted that the event will also put heads in beds.

“This festive time is a good time,” he said. “It’ll be winter for a lot of our visitors and they can come in and be on the beach. There ain’t nothing better than that.

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