Pacesetters, Rising Stars victorious in cricket action

The Pacesetters and the Rising Stars were both victorious in the Bahamas Cricket Association (BCA) TwentyTwenty (T20) League this past weekend at Haynes Oval.

On Saturday, the Rising Stars only needed a little over 10 overs to reach their 105-run target as they defeated the Westerns by nine wickets.

On Sunday, the Pacesetters won the toss in their match and went on to win by seven wickets over the Police Enforcers, scoring 229 runs.

Rising Stars 106/1 (10.2 overs), Westerns 104/all out (16 overs)

The Rising Stars held nothing back as their bowlers pressured the Westerns to take two early wickets. Kevaugh McInnis and Andrew Nash were both out for one and zero runs respectively.

The Westerns had five runs for the loss of two wickets. It was a difficult position to be in as they went up against the defending champions.

The Westerns stumbled on the way to 104 runs all out. Mike Smith led the way with 28 runs.

In the Rising Stars inning, they got off to a shaky start when their captain, Jagnauth Jagroo, was out for one run with the score on seven runs.

Kevin Surujlall replaced him and teamed up with Marlon Graham to get their team back on track.

The defending champs did not lose a wicket en route to scoring 106.

Surujlall finished with a team-high 50 runs retired and Graham had 37 runs. Rudy Fox had 11 for the Rising Stars.

Pacesetters 229/3 (19 overs), Police 228/7 (20 overs)

Winning the toss was the Pacesetters and they decided to chase runs rather batting first. In the chase, Ryan Tappin had an unbeaten century when he finished their inning 102 not out.

Opening the batting in the first inning for the Police were Marc Taylor and Gregory Irvin.

Taylor faced most of the strikes and he scored most of his runs beyond the boundary.

The first wicket fell after a 75-run partnership stand between the pair. Irvin was bowled by Errie Samaroo in the sixth over. He was replaced by Everette Haven.

Taylor continued to put on a show for the spectators, amassing more boundaries. Haven did what Irvin did as he facilitated Taylor in getting on strike.

Taylor was out for 110 runs with the score on 145 runs when he was caught by Jonathan Barry on a Ricardo Patton delivery going for another boundary. That ended Taylor and Haven’s 65-run partnership.

President of the BCA and Taylor’s father Gregory Taylor Sr. scored 15 runs before he was out leg before wicket.

Marc Taylor finished the game with a very impressive 20 boundaries with six sixes and 14 fours.

More wickets began to fall as the Enforcers approached the 200-run mark.

In the end, they finished the allotted 20 overs with 228 total runs – a huge task.

The Pacesetters hurt themselves as they gave up 57 extras that included 48 wide balls.

With a target of 229 runs, the Pacesetters sent Mark Levi and Barry to open their innings.

The duo got off to a fast start, scoring 52 runs in the first five overs.

Levi was the Enforcers’ first victim as he was stumped on a Taylor Sr. delivery as the score remained on 52 runs. He produced 17 runs.

Replacing Levi was Tappin. Barry and Tappin was getting into a rhythm when Gregory Brown delivered a blow to the Pacesetters. Barry swung at a ball and it went into the hands of Marc Taylor.

Barry had 38 and the Pacesetters had 83 runs for the loss of two wickets. It was not time to panic as the game was only eight overs in.

Patton joined Tappin in the batting. The Pacesetters were in need of life and energy. The dynamic pair gave it to them as Tappin was masterful with the bat.

Patton got his boundaries in but it was Tappin who frustrated the Enforcers bowlers, mixing it up with boundaries, doubles and singles.

The two put up a partnership of 145 runs to take the score to 228 before Patton was bowled by Irvin for 47 runs. He was replaced by Albert Peters who easily scored a single to secure the win for the Pacesetters.

Tappin’s knock of 102 runs included 18 boundaries – three sixes and 15 fours.

The Pacesetters were able to capitalize on the Enforcer’s 24 extras.

Next up on BCA schedule is the Nations Cup 40-over competition this weekend. On Saturday, Jamaica will play the World team at Windsor Park at 10.30 a.m., and on Sunday, The Bahamas will go up against the defending champions Guyana at 10.30 a.m. at Haynes Oval.

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