Palacious: Disney making environment a priority at Lighthouse Point

Disney’s commitment to an in-depth geological study of Lighthouse Point, Eleuthera, points to its commitment to a development build-out that is environmentally sensitive and sustainable, Managing Principal of ENCO Carlos Palacious told Guardian Business yesterday.

Palacious, whose company was awarded the contract to do the geotechnical investigations at Lighthouse Point, explained that his company ENCO has worked across the Caribbean and The Bahamas on projects and are fully equipped to handle the job.

“ENCO is a part of our bigger group of companies that started from 2005, we have different arms that do different things so basically ECNO is the geotech arm of what we do. Basically what geotechnical

engineering is, is understanding of what’s beneath the surface… whether you’re building buildings or whether you’re building a cruise ship pier, you have to determine what kind of foundation you have.”

Disney has also made the use of Bahamian labor an essential part of its bid around the Eleuthera development.

Palacious said two-year-old ENCO will employ jack-up barges and drill rigs to bore for sample cores that will be studied to determine the viability of Disney’s build.

The geotechnical studies could take about four months, Palacious said.

Disney Cruise Line President Jeff Vahle said in a press release issued on Wednesday that the company is committed to the inclusion of as many Bahamian companies as possible.

“We are committed to maximizing Bahamian participation in this project and our selection of ENCO for this significant work through a competitive bid process is the result of our ongoing efforts to build relationships with Bahamian companies,” Vahle said.

“To date we have met with more than 70 companies that have expressed interest in assisting with our construction needs and we will continue to build relationships with them. We look forward to working with ENCO to move this important work forward in a way that is consistent with our longstanding commitment to the environment.”

Palacious said in the release: “Our team has worked on many complex projects over the years with a number of global companies, and we are particularly excited to be working with Disney, a brand we’ve grown up to know and love, that also loves the environment.

“They are extremely focused on the details and, above all, dedicated to approaching the Lighthouse Point project with the best intentions and the utmost respect for preserving the environment and celebrating the natural beauty of the site.”

Palacious said the job will require a number of laborers who will be chosen from Eleuthera. He added that those jobs have already been posted at the island administrator’s office.

He said among other jobs, they will require over-water drill helpers and land-side drill helpers as well as general helpers.

Palacious added that Disney’s investment in ENCO will definitely trickle into the Eleuthera community through hotel stays and meal preparations, among other things.

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