Pastors urge parents not to cloak children involved in crime

A group of clergymen is calling on parents in The Bahamas not to cloak children involved in crime, before “you have to visit us to arrange their funeral”.

The call was made by Bishop Simeon B. Hall, senior pastor emeritus of New Covenant Baptist Church; Bishop Ross Davis, of Golden Gates World Outreach Ministries; Bishop Albert Hepburn, of United Christian Tabernacle; Bishop Walter Hanchell, of Great Commission Ministries; Bishop J. Carl Rahming, of St. Paul’s Baptist Church; and Bishop Gregory Minnis, of New Jerusalem Ministries.

“The insidious criminal gang culture, which is wreaking havoc on our land, is supported in part by parents who knowingly benefit from their children’s crimes,” the bishops said in a statement.

“We call on parents not to cloak their sons’ and daughters’ criminal behavior, as eventually you will have to bury them.

“If your son has an illegal firearm in your house or on your property, we implore you to call on any one of us to help you to turn in the gun to the authorities, before you need to come to us to conduct funeral services.

“It is unfortunate that some parents who defend and cloak their sons in criminal behavior attend our churches regularly, but do not readily apply the biblical teachings taught to their children’s illicit deeds.

“We are all too aware that each time there is a murder, two different families are adversely affected, as the murdered person is buried and eventually the perpetrator is convicted and imprisoned.

“Parents are left to mourn and little children are left fatherless.

“We encourage parents to seek the assistance or services of your local church leaders, or other qualified professionals, to turn in your sons or daughters engaged in criminal activities into the police before you have to visit us to arrange their funeral.”

There have been 90 murders for the year.

The count climbed by 12 in under three weeks.

According to statistics released by police, murders and shootings have seen significant decreases compared to the same time last year.

Rape, however, increased by 12 percent.

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