Patrice Murrell, Benje release new singles

Versatile and talented recording artists Patrice Murrell and Benjamin ‘Benje’ Alexander – both members of the best band in The Bahamas, Visage – have released new singles on the ‘High Point’ rhythm, produced by Alexander.

Patrice’s single “Rest of My Life” began quite humbly following a conversation with Benje during carnival season at the Bahamas Masqueraders Mas Band Camp.

“We were listening to some of Benje’s tracks in my car and I told him I was interested in doing a dancehall track, because I wanted to try something different,” said Murrell during an interview with Pulse yesterday. “Someone prominent in the local music industry suggested to me, Patrice, why don’t you try a dancehall track? I was looking for the right track and Benje was going through his music on his laptop. He came across this rhythm while we were at Bahamas Masqueraders ‘vibing’ to music. I told him I love that rhythm and so I started humming along to the song. Benje said, what’s that song you are humming? I said just a little something I came up with in my head and Benje said, record it with your phone right away. That was the start of what eventually became ‘Rest of My Life’.”

For Murrell, the vibe of the track was really positive and uplifting. “It made me thing about when you love someone so much that you would anything for that person; you want to spend the rest of your life with that person.”

“Rest of My Life” was written by Murrell and Alexander. They are the first to produce songs on the track, however, other recording artists are slated for the rhythm, including local artists Jay Shephard and Sammi Star, as well as five-time St. Lucian calypso monarch Arthur Allain.

Benje wrote ‘Stay Focus” while he was “upset about a situation”. He channeled that energy into writing a single that encourages people to stay focused on their goals. The song urges listeners not to let negative situations upset them and affect their vibe.

“With this song I did the beat and the words came at the same time. I didn’t have a plan for the words, I was just upset about a situation and they came to me,” said Alexander. Both singles were mixed and mastered by Trinidad and Tobago-based Mad Men Productions.

“I actually built the rhythm for the late, great brother of mine Davon ‘Mdeez’ Knight, he was supposed to be on it but we never had the time to get together, Noted Alexander. “I was trying to surprise him. Around carnival time, Patrice came to me and said she wanted to do a dancehall track and we started working on it right in the car. My initial thought was that I wanted to use the track to bring Bahamian and St. Lucian artists together.”

Both tracks have been getting rave reviews locally and internationally. “They have been getting international airplay, particularly in New York and Florida and we are looking forward to pushing the songs in more international markets,” said Murrell.

In addition to the release of the new singles, both Benje and Patrice are excited to be performing at the One Caribbean Unite and Rebuild concert, in support of hurricane relief efforts in The Bahamas. The event is occurring at the O2 Park in Chaguaramas, Trinidad this Sunday. Those who are interested in watching the concert and donating can do so directly to the Bahamas Red Cross or during the live event at The Tego streaming app can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store.

“We are looking forward to performing our music to help those in need following the passage of Hurricane Dorian,” said Patrice. “I will also be performing my hits in Tampa, Florida at the Tampa Caribbean Festival on October 29, with proceeds going to hurricane relief efforts. In addition, I will performing at the Zumba Fitness Party on October 5.”

Both songs are available right now on all streaming and download platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.). Subscribe to YouTube and follow both artists’ social media handles to stay up to date on the latest releases and performance dates @patricemurrellmusic and @benjamin.alexander. 

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