Pension payments to increase December 1

The government will increase public service pension payments effective December 1, Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis said today.

During his first major communication in the House of Assembly, Davis outlined the increase.

“For the 742 persons receiving less than $500 per month in monthly pension, they will receive an increase of $100,” he said.

“For the 2,012 persons receiving more than $500 but less than $1000 in monthly pension, they will receive a monthly increase of $75, and for the 4,432 persons receiving a monthly pension of greater than $1,000, they will receive a monthly adjustment of $50.”

The minister of finance said the annual cost of this adjustment is $6.4 million.

“I want to be clear: the intent of the public service pension increase is to support those in need,” Davis said.

“This list does not include pensions for former politicians or senators, nor does it include pensions for former judges or holders of the office of governor-general or their surviving spouse.”

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