Philip Brave Davis for prime minister

Dear Editor,

For months, I’ve heard that Dr. Hubert Minnis has dealt with Dorian, and then later the pandemic.

“He is the only prime minister that has had the most disasters.”

While it is so that the prime minister has had these disasters, he is not the only one that has gone through them. Disasters are inevitable; it’s the response that defines leadership.

For four years, we have heard this saying that it was the people’s time. But four years later, the truth has come to light that it was never the people’s time; it was the special interests’ time.

This government has given us heaps of lies, broken promises, and broken norms of governing and diplomacy.

This is the most strikes and shutdowns by unions we have ever seen under any administration.

A party that spoke about transparency, accountability, and corruption has dug a grave for itself.

Yes, this government delivered unemployment benefits to thousands of Bahamians, but they still failed to deliver a plan to replace all the monies that were being issued.

Instead, they borrowed on top of what they had borrowed upon coming into office. Monies were needed to cover some expenses but, in my opinion, borrowing should be a last resort since it increases the cost of every dollar the country spends.

Though it can be an appropriate strategy to get through a short-term crisis, borrowing to meet operating expenses is hazardous. And this is a proven fact.

If borrowing is going to take place, a clear plan as to how the country would use these funds to stabilize its finances should be accompanied.

At this point, we need massive deficit spending during this pandemic to ward off an economic cataclysm.

There were many ways we could have avoided a national debt like this, but no, the prime minister and this government do not believe in a hiring freeze.

Instead, subcommittees and offices were created, sidewalks built; monies scattered and given to the special privileged while thousands of Bahamians suffer, while a hospital collapses, and clinics and nursing homes implode. Shame on him!

What is baffling is that this prime minister came to office to deliver the Bahamian people and now has come back and said when he gets in the office again, he will focus on the poor. Well, it’s a new day for him because after four exhausting years of failed leadership, we are ready for this Minnis show to end.

I am counting on Philip Brave Davis to restore decency and empathy and some sort of normalcy back to the office of the prime minister and this country.

Brave is the anti-Minnis; he has served a very long time in government, has experience in policies, is rooted in the working-class values, and is still connected to the poor and average Bahamian.

Brave is not without faults and controversy, and let’s be frank, this is not uncommon to anyone who has dedicated decades to public service. Still, given the choice between Brave and Minnis, I’ll take Brave’s competence and heart for the job any day.

This election on Thursday is going to be one for us to remember.

Should Brave and the PLP win, they have a long task ahead of them.

He has to get this pandemic under control, reboot the economy, fix the healthcare system, address the war between the unions and the government amongst so many other things, all while preparing to meet the next crisis.

We cannot take another four to five years of failed and unfocused leadership just as this prime minister has displayed.

He failed to give us a plan, just continuous lockdowns which we see today have not helped; and to add insult to injury, they have permitted quarantined voters to vote amongst the general population.

They had a year to plan ahead for the new norm in a COVID environment. But no, all they did was a whole bunch of talking and a whole lot of empty “groundbreaking”.

Shameless men and women!

I am confident in the leadership of Philip Brave Davis, Chester Cooper, and the Progressive Liberal Party. And I have no doubt that it will be a new day under this leadership.

Dr. Matheo Smith 

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