Pinewood MP says he is sickened by violence against women

Pinewood MP Reuben Rahming said yesterday that he is sickened by violence against women and attempts by some people to defame women in media and that he is not concerned by the number of women in Parliament.

“We have a duty of care, especially men,” Rahming said in the House of Assembly.

“I’m not frightened by an imbalance in the House, you know – the percentage of women, percentage of men.

“I believe real men protect women and children.

“…Real men give women a sense of security and peace. Real men make women feel comfortable and valuable when they go on Wall Street or they stay at home.”

He said his comments were in light of International Women’s Day, which was celebrated on March 8th.

“I don’t have to be a woman to stand up against it,” Rahming said in the House of Assembly.

“We see what’s going on at Nygard Cay. We’ve been hearing those whispers all the time. And I am standing to say I don’t care if you’re [Progressive Liberal Party] PLP, if you’re FNM, if you’re DNA, all of you all be damned who have been doing these kinds of things to our young ladies.”

A lawsuit filed in New York last month alleges that multi-millionaire Peter Nygard engaged in illicit acts with underage Bahamian girls. Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis recently cited Nygard’s previous interactions with the PLP to make a case as to why the official opposition should be kept out of office.

Rahming said the issue must be taken seriously.

He said there must be protections for people who are defamed in the public, pointing to instances last year where female journalists were spoken poorly of on social media.

“I saw last year they assassinated the character of a female at The Guardian,” he said.

“Then I saw they assassinated the character of a female at ZNS.

“I believe that men are custodians of feminine dignity.

“I get angry when I see that worthless people feel they can just go ahead and defame people.

“And I believe somewhere along the line, as quickly as we can, we need to bring to this House whatever measures we need to protect people.”

The Pinewood MP, who is also the owner of a bus franchise, said he has seen instances of violence against women in that industry.

“In my lifetime, there have been times in the transportation industry where you see persons who have been victimized by drivers,” Rahming said.

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