Pint-sized entrepreneur gives back to young Dorian survivors

Budding entrepreneur Daniella Williams is proving that love can go a long way in life and in business. The six-year-old spent the past year working closely with her parents, Don and Raeh Williams, to launch her online hair accessory boutique, Love Is Daniella.

As the chief “excitement” officer for the business, Daniella is responsible for product selection and doubles as a model for the company’s social media platforms and website She also helps her mom with inventory and packaging new online orders to ship to customers in The Bahamas and in the United States.

The pint-sized entrepreneur likes to keep busy and is used to lending a helping hand in her parents’ businesses. Over the summer, the family opened their latest venture, Dani’s Deli, in the Coral Harbour Shopping Center. Customers were delighted to find the tech-savvy six-year-old at the point of sale system, using an iPad to ring up orders in the deli.

“We’ve been intentional about introducing Daniella to the concept of business and ownership from a young age. We want her to know that any dream is within reach if you work as a team to accomplish a goal,” said her father Don Williams, who is the developer of the mobile gaming app Island Run Bahamas. He believes the lessons his daughter is learning as a young entrepreneur will benefit her now and in the future.

“For her, it’s still all fun and she lets us know by her level of interest and engagement what she enjoys helping with in the businesses. She is learning how to be an independent thinker, how to problem solve and how to channel her creativity.”

Just before launching her own company, Hurricane Dorian hit parts of the northern Bahamas in early September. Daniella, who was born in Florida, also carries her Bahamian passport proudly. She thought about all of the little boys and girls who lost everything in the storm, including all of their toys.

She wanted to “send a friend” to children in The Bahamas and started collecting all of the stuffed animals in her room. With the help of her grandmother Gina Mortimer-Storr, Daniella shared her mission with her church family, dance class and classmates in Florida. A local television station even picked up the story and before long, Daniella’s community had collected more than 600 stuffed animals for children in The Bahamas. Her church family in Florida also donated $2,100 to the Anglican Diocese of The Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos Islands for hurricane relief.

With the help of the Bahamas Girl Guides Association, Daniella will be able to complete her mission of getting toys to boys and girls impacted by Dorian. With one goal down, she is looking ahead to assist further by collecting and donating school supplies for children impacted by the storm.

“As parents, we love that Daniella is taking an interest in business, but that pales in comparison to how proud we are of her willingness to help others in need,” her mother, Raeh Williams, shared. “Her desire to help is so sincere and we will continue to provide avenues for her to accomplish these goals.”

To learn more about how you can help Daniella send school supplies to Hurricane Dorian survivors, visit

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