Pintard ought not become intoxicated by power

Dear Editor,

There is no doubt that I am a supporter of the Free National Movement. I will not change that because my party has a heart for the Bahamian people, and deep down, I am sure that the majority of Bahamians know that. Therefore, my loyalty will always be with the FNM.

I start off by saying this because I, as a supporter of the party, also supported the leadership of Michael Pintard when he was elected.

I, like most, coming out of the general election had Minnis fatigue and was willing to give someone new and promising a chance. But as time passes, and I get to see Mr. Pintard perform, I must say, I am starting to have some concerns.

Are they enough to cause me not to advocate for him? Maybe not so soon, but I can tell you he’s starting to force me to take a more closer look than I have before, because some of his recent gaffs are starting to show some cracks in his character that I did not see prior or expect.

The banning and threatening to expel officers and executives of the organization because he doesn’t feel as if they are loyal to him?

That is troubling from a leader, any leader, particularly a new one.

Trying to prohibit free speech by stopping the former prime minister and a sitting member of Parliament from speaking at a constituency meeting, then holding a competing meeting to draw attention away from the former prime minister? That is not only troubling, but it also shows a great degree of insecurity.

But what I take the greatest exception to are his calls, in one breath, for unity and more loyalty to the FNM brand and to the team than to personal ambition, while in the other, hosting a meeting that is in direct confrontation with the previously scheduled Garden Hills meeting.

I hope Mr. Pintard is aware of how disingenuous his call for unity and loyalty is, when the act of calling a competing (not complementary) meeting in itself further divides the party and drives a wedge between FNM comrades.

His actions and words make it appear that those who did not attend his meeting were disloyal to the FNM brand.

To advocate something like that publicly is concerning.

We must face the fact that former leader Dr. Hubert Minnis still garners the confidence and support of a good number of people who have, since September 2021, gotten over the Minnis fatigue, now that they are facing the reality of this oppressive, two-faced, tax hungry, corrupt, spendthrift Progressive Liberal Party government.

They should have the same right to support him as Mr. Pintard’s supporters have a right to support him, if they wish.

I would caution Mr. Pintard to be careful and not become intoxicated by the power entrusted to him to lead.

I hope that his own personal ambitions does not cause him to crack further and reveal any more of his true nature, because what is starting to show is not engendering confidence in those of us who had and still have high hopes for him.

Ant Clear

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