Pintard right man to lead FNM

Dear Editor,

Please allow me a small space in your paper to respond to a letter to the editor penned under the name The Councilman.

Editor, anyone who knows me know I like a good laugh and love to watch stand-up comedy. What I read this morning was better than any stand-up comedy routine I have ever seen.

Nobody in their right mind believes Dr Hubert Minnis is the man to lead the FNM to the next general election victory. In fact, if he is the leader of the FNM, they can be guaranteed a second term in opposition.

The Bahamian people have spoken by soundly rejecting him in the last general election on September 16, 2021 and they continue to send strong messages to him every day saying “stay home”.

If you pay attention to social media, people every day lambast him saying “he didn’t do the job when he was prime minister. What makes him believe he can tell them now what is right from wrong?”

We haven’t forgotten his arrogance and his bad attitude when he served as the competent authority.

I can’t believe what I read. I really believe either The Councilman is out of touch or he’s being told what to write.

I can not agree with him when he says Dr. Minnis’ performance in Parliament is “unmatched”. I don’t know which Parliament he watches.

In fact, I believe Dr. Minnis is an embarrassment to the FNM and to his performance as a prime minister when he speaks.

If. Dr Minnis is ever elected leader of the FNM, one can say the FNM is finished as a party and will never see the light day in government again.

It is my firm belief that Michael Pintard is the right man for the FNM.

He is what I consider a generational leader. He relates to all generations and especially to the first and second-time voter, the young people.

Pintard has been leading the charge and has made the public aware of many blunders of the PLP.

He has on several occasions pointed out the many times the PLP government has broken the law.

If you want to talk about a performance in the Parliament that was and is unmatched, we talk about Michael Pintard.

He has kept and is keeping the PLP’s feet to the fire. His representation of the FNM and the people of The Bahamas has been second to none.

In talking to the many young people he supports, they all say he listens to them and looks at their suggestions seriously.

Pintard is a better people’s person. He is more in touch with the needs of the people and not just a select few.

Pintard is the only way forward for the FNM and the right choice as leader.

Proud FNM

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