Pintard struggles to lead

Dear Editor,

Recently, I read somewhere where Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Michael Pintard was compared to President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.

I am sorry, but unless one is suffering from cataracts Pintard is no Zelensky!

Yes. They both have show business backgrounds but that is about where it stops.

I have to admit though, every time I hear Pintard talk, what immediately enters my mind is William Shakespeare’s famous words that “all the world is a stage”.

Pintard campaigned on a theme of unity and moving forward whilst being united. But, as with anyone who is good at sweet talk, that was only long talks, words traveling on hot air!

The FNM is in disarray. Factions abound. And, the FNM appears to be far from united.

Pintard is purportedly eviscerating any suspected opposition and freezes out anyone who he thinks might not outright support him.

Can you imagine anyone being small minded enough to think that you will have 100 percent support and then isolate, ostracize, offend or remove those who are not “yes sir” men and women?

Why not seek to win over suspected opposers? How is that unity? Is it not better to catch bees with honey?

There is no wonder that the FNM is seen as the party that mashes down its own, that does not support or unite behind its own causes and mandates.

It’s no wonder that the FNM is now seen as the third wheel in Bahamian politics, with the likes of jokey groupings like Lincoln Bain’s self-serving outfit surpassing the FNM.

Recently, I watched a Facebook live stream and heard Bain admonishing Pintard to lay a Citizenship Bill that they purportedly discussed and that his fringe group supposedly drafted. Imagine that!

Rather than being the king of photo ops and looking into camera lens anytime he could find one, Pintard should put in some real work to unite his party. He should start with his party officers and parliamentarians, most of whom I hear would not support him if a vote is called today.

How many votes would he get from the party officers if a convention was called today?

Out of the other six FNM MPs, how many would support Pintard if put to a vote right now?

Seriously, how many of the current sitting FNM MPs would support Pintard if a vote of no confidence was taken today or if a runoff for leader happened today? Does Pintard have the confidence of the FNM’s parliamentary caucus?

It’s not time for sweet talks and well orchestrated photo ops, Mr. Pintard.

It is time to unite the FNM to beat a PLP that is hell bent on crushing and embarrassing FNMs, on seeking victor’s justice, on misleading the public and pretending to be what they are not.

Same old PLP — just running a different playbook and faking it to make it!


Curious Mind

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