Pintard will not lead FNM into next election

Dear Editor,

We are at nearly one year since the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) was elected.

Philip Davis has proven to be inadequate as a leader, as we expected.

Under my friend Brave, there is no direction. The PLP has no plan to create jobs. They have no plan on crime. They are wasting the people’s money on extravagant trips and bloated contracts, and consultancies to PLP supporters.

The country is stuck in a rut at a time of high inflation around the world.

The opposition Free National Movement (FNM) should be gaining momentum with all the mess that exists. Sadly, it is not.

The poet-comedian leader of the FNM, Michael Pintard, has been unable to excite the Bahamian people. He has also been unable to unite the FNM.

Conditions within our party are not good. The Pintard camp is hostile to supporters of former leader Dr. Hubert Minnis.

They want to force Minnis supporters out of the organization. This is unfortunate and silly.

Parties are big tent organizations that need to expand their numbers in order to win elections. Forcing people out is a sure way to lose at the polls.

It is obvious to FNMs that Mr. Pintard does not have it to win a general election. Bahamians find him boring. They don’t think he is a leader. They don’t want to follow him.

Mr. Pintard is merely a placeholder. He will never be prime minister.

He will not lead the FNM into the next election. The question now is who will replace him.

The FNM must do the work of finding the person most capable of uniting the party and the country. We must find the person capable of getting FNMs to return to the polls and vote for our great party.

Our people did not show up a year ago. The PLP won the election nearly by default.

The next FNM leader must be charismatic, intelligent, experienced and ready on day one to lead our country.

We have people in our party who are capable of delivering for us. We just must be bold enough to find the right person to carry our message at the election next time.

Mr. Pintard does not have the capacity to lead.

All of us FNMs know that. Let us now begin the work behind the scenes to find our next leader.

We have delivered before for the Bahamian people. We can deliver again.

The recent 30th anniversary of our party’s 1992 victory brought back warm memories for me. We rescued The Bahamas from stagnation, corruption and backwardness.

We made this country modern and prosperous. We can do it again.

Yours truly,

The Mackey Street Man

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