Playing Russian roulette with tourism  

Dear Editor,

Two years ago, The Bahamas was brought to its economic knees because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

US dollars became scarce in the Bahamian economy. Taxis, bus and tour operators, straw vendors, restaurants, hotel and allied workers, were sent home with no pay checks.

Airport security and screening staff, on the other hand, received their pay monthly without fail from the government.

On July 18, according to news reports, on the eve of an all important inspection and site visit by TSA from the United States, the Bahamian security and screening staff took industrial action at the airport.

This was an irresponsible act of sabotage that had the potential to put at risk our country’s economy. This thoughtless action could have caused a major downgrade at Lynden Pindling International Airport.

A downgrade at the country’s gateway airport has serious implications for every aspect of Bahamian life.

Playing Russian roulette with our country’s economy had the potential to put at risk the tourism goose, which lays the golden egg of our economy.

The Bahamas is among a few countries in the world that have US pre-clearance. This foolishly timed industrial action put at risk our country’s standing.

* Who organized the industrial action?

* Was this action brought about because of a visceral dislike of this new day government?

* What sanctions should now be meted out to the fifth column who sought to do damage to our fragile tourist economy which is still in recovery mode from the two-year loss of non economic opportunities?

These actions were misguided, ill-conceived and reckless to our well-being, and to every Bahamian.

The architect of this scheme, when found out, should be retired in the public interest from the government service.

When nuclear weapons are used nobody wins, and everything is destroyed. Think about it.

— Felix A Sands

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