PM breaks ground on new subdivision

During phase one of a new government subdivision, Carmichael Village, 107 lots will be allotted to Bahamians in early 2021, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said yesterday during a groundbreaking ceremony for the development.

He noted that upon completion, the subdivision will contain 365 lots.

“I am pleased to be here today to witness this very proud moment for new potential land and homeowners,” Minnis said.

“This government subdivision comprises a total of 365 lots for the purpose of home construction. It will accommodate single and multiple-family housing.

“Additional lots will be used to construct community parks and other common areas for the residents in this subdivision. It is expected to be constructed in four phases.

“As part of phase one, today’s 107 lots will be allotted to Bahamians beginning early next year.

“It will comprise approximately 70 newly constructed homes and the remainder will be used as serviced lots only.

A layout of one of three housing models being constructed at the Carmichael Village subdivision.

“Lots in phases two, three, and four are expected to become available shortly thereafter.”

Minnis noted that 10 percent of serviced lots in the subdivision will be allocated for people with disabilities.

“I would like to announce today a new component to the ready-to-build serviced lots and affordable housing initiative,” he said.

“The Bahamas’ Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities) Act, 2014 was enacted to end discrimination against Bahamians with disabilities as well as to promote their rights and provide equal opportunity in areas such as housing.

“Ten percent of the serviced lots in Carmichael Village subdivision will be allotted for disabled Bahamians.”

Minnis said those lots will be made available to the disabled for half the regular price.

“I also want to say that as part of the government program, because these individuals are placed in a disadvantaged position, whatever the cost of these lots – I know for certain that they are a lot less than $30,000 – but whatever the cost is, the government will [take away] an additional 50 percent of that cost for the disabled.

“So, if those lots are $20,000, the disabled will be able to purchase those lots for $10,000.”

Minnis said commitment letters for approved applicants are expected to be issued before Christmas.

“The Ministry of the Environment and Housing is beginning the preparation of commitment letters for approved applicants in Carmichael Village,” he said.

“I am advised that this process is on the way. We are expecting to issue these letters before Christmas to the approved applicants.”

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