PM should announce a date for election

Dear Editor,

The Bahamas Constitution Party ( BCP) views with interest the position of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis during a town meeting for Central New Providence on Wednesday night when he announced the launch of the Free National Movement’s (FNM) campaign for the upcoming 2022 general election.

The BCP welcomes the start of the campaign for the next election as we have prepared ourselves to pursue the mandate from the Bahamian people for the governance of the nation.

The BCP is in the last phase of the preparation of its “Blueprint for Governance — Mandate 2022” and, therefore, is ready to engage the Bahamian electorate with new ideas, vision and strategies to change the economic and social conditions in the nation.

In furtherance to Prime Minister Minnis’ announcement, it would have been appropriate for the prime minister to have thought further on this idea by coming up with a projected date for the next general election, since he made plans to give notice of the start of his party’s campaign bid on Wednesday.

The BCP believes that it is an appropriate thing for the prime minister to make declaration of a date for the planned polls, scheduled for 2022, so that citizens and residents can make plans and order their schedules to accommodate the campaign and the polling.

The BCP wishes to encourage Prime Minister Minnis to not take advantage of his discretionary privilege to announce the date of election within weeks of the polls, in order to allow citizens to make more concrete plans to travel and complete much needed exercises and projects.

This gesture will show the prime minister’s respect for the time and schedules of the Bahamian people. This is our recommendation.

– Dwayne Huyler, chairman, Bahamas Constitution Party

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