PM tells Abaconians: PLP will never deliver for you

Urging supporters in North Abaco to give the Free National Movement (FNM) and Darren Henfield another term, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis promised that his government will continue rebuilding efforts on the island and warned that a Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) government would “never deliver to you”.

During a drive-up rally in North Abaco, Minnis said the FNM is the best party for Family Island development, as he lambasted PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis over his representation of Cat Island over the years.

“Much of the infrastructure on Abaco was either built or upgraded by the FNM,” Minnis said.

“The PLP is not the party for the Family Islands.

“It is not the party for North Abaco.

“They will promise and promise and promise but you know they will never deliver to you.

“Their leader is Brave Davis. He is the Cat Island member of Parliament. He cannot tell you about any major, meaningful thing he did for his constituency over the last 20 years.

“If he couldn’t do anything for Cat Island for two decades, do you think he could or would do anything for North Abaco?

“Do not be fooled by Brave Davis. Do not be fooled by the PLP. They mean you no good. Their campaign is for power. They want to get back at your money. Every PLP administration has ended in spectacular corruption and scandal.”

Minnis said that the FNM, if re-elected, would be committed to continuing the rebuilding of Abaco, which was left devastated by Hurricane Dorian in September 2019.

He said that if given another term, his government would accelerate the work on Abaco.

“The pandemic has slowed some of our restoration work, but we are still at it.

“We remain determined to ensure Abaco is again one of the most vibrant economies here in The Bahamas. In our new term, we are going to create the Extended Disaster Recovery Program for Abaco and this program will apply to the hardest-hit areas of Abaco.”

Minnis cited plans to further extend concessions afforded under the Special Economic Recovery Zone, earmark a specific portion of the Ministry of Social Services’ budget to the needs of Abaco, grant Crown land to more Abaconians and expand the Small Business Development Centre on the island.

“Throughout our campaign for your future, I have updated residents of what we have ongoing and of our plans going forward,” he said.

“We have an 81-page manifesto filled with ideas. No one knows what the PLP is campaigning about.

“They rarely discuss any sensible ideas. They just want you to vote for them, so they could be in charge.

“They just want you to vote for them, so they can give out contracts to themselves.”

Minnis, however, did not address recent allegations over the award of hundreds of thousands of dollars in Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) and Ministry of Public Works contracts.

“If you go with the PLP, I guarantee what you will get,” he said.

“From day one of a PLP administration, the corruption and the scandal will begin. That is the only way they know. The PLP long ago lost its concern for its people.”

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Rachel Scott

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