PM urges Bahamians to take vaccine

Insisting that a vaccinated society will lead to more economic activity and more jobs, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis strongly urged all eligible Bahamians to take the vaccine once it becomes available in The Bahamas.

During a national address today, Minnis also encouraged Bahamians to ignore fake news about the vaccine, adding that the failure to take the vaccine “could cost you your life or cause you to get very sick”.

“COVID-19 remains a killer,” Minnis continued.

“The approved vaccines are effective in helping prevent severe illness and death. Do not put your life at risk because you believe fake news on social media.”

He encouraged people to get information about vaccines from reliable local and international scientific and media sources

Minnis said the vaccine distribution plan is in the final stages of completion in preparation for arrival of first batch of AstraZeneca vaccine.

The vaccine will be administered in two doses.

Minnis said eight to 10 vaccination sites have been identified on New Providence.

Distribution sites have also been identified on Grand Bahama and the Family Islands. However, he did not list those sites.

“Mobile units will be used to safely distribute vaccines to vulnerable populations in their communities,” the prime minister added.

“Vaccine appointment software is very near completion and is expected to be rolled out in advance of distribution. This will allow those who choose to take the vaccine to schedule their appointments digitally on their smartphone, tablet or computer.”

Appointment centers will also be set up to assist those without internet access.

“On the Family Islands, local medical teams will be assisted by mobile teams from New Providence,” Minnis said.

“On the Family Islands, health teams will vaccinate all eligible residents who choose to take the vaccine at the same time.”

The government is expected to receive more details related to the shipment of the 100,000 does of AstraZeneca tomorrow.

“Additionally, The Bahamas government has also been able to secure a commitment from the government of India for a small quantity of AstraZeneca vaccines from a WHO/Emergency Use Listing (EUL)-approved manufacturer in India,” he said.

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