PM: We cannot fight climate change alone

Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis yesterday once again sounded the alarm on climate change and the dire consequences it poses to small island developing states.

As he addressed the Commonwealth Business Forum at CHOGM in Kigali, Rwanda, Davis noted that The Bahamas is vulnerable to floods caused by rises in sea level, along with storm surges due to hurricanes.

“When the storms come, we have no escape,” he said.

“We do what we can to shelter, but we are at the mercy of forces far beyond our control.

“Despite these dangers, we do not wish to live as victims.

“Like people the world over, we want dignity and agency in determining our lives and livelihoods.

“With the right investment in infrastructure, and access to much-needed funds and technical support, we can take great steps to ensure our survival.

“But we cannot do it alone.”

The prime minister has made similar pleas at other events around the world.

He said yesterday that The Bahamas needs partners to support its efforts.

“Rather than merely debate the old binary choices of austerity versus growth, we wish to promote the smart choices and opportunities in our Blue Economy,” he said.

He noted that Commonwealth leaders chose to meet “because we see value in the institution”.

“At a bare minimum, this makes each of us responsible for honoring the conditions of membership,” he said.

“At a time when needs are increasing so dramatically, why have some members withdrawn technical and other support, thereby starving the organization of much-need funding?

“Friends: if we see the Commonwealth as vital, necessary and urgent to secure the kind of future we have all committed to, then we have to honor our commitments to empower it to do so.

“We participate in the Commonwealth because we know we can achieve so much more by working together.

“And we also know, that we cannot do it alone.”

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