PM’s silence was ‘unacceptable’

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis said yesterday that Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis’ month-long silence on the issues at Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) was “unacceptable”.

But Davis said he is pleased that Minnis finally acknowledged the load shedding exercise that has impacted thousands of Bahamians since early June.

“I’m happy that he has had his Damascus moment, and likewise recognized the urgency that the Bahamian people are crying out for him to act for all these months,” Davis said when called for comment.

“It’s rather amazing that he’s only just now recognizing the urgency of the situation, when Bahamians for months have been crying out for him to take note of what was happening. It’s almost unacceptable.

“But I’m happy to hear that he’s going to attempt the matter and do what it takes to bring relief, and I just hope that he is able to deliver.”

Minnis said that he took two months to address the ongoing generation issues at BPL because he was “gathering the facts on the situation”.

However, Davis questioned why Minnis took that approach and which facts took two months to gather.

“It speaks to his either lack of understanding and appreciation, and it speaks to his lack of sensitivity to the cries of people,” Davis said.

“I mean, we all knew from day one and even before the two months, we were warned about this crisis.”

He added, “The lights are off. What else do you need to know? And so we’re crying and suffering. What other information did you need to know before you act?”

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Rachel Knowles

Rachel joined The Nassau Guardian in January 2019. Rachel covers national issues. Education: University of Virginia in Charlottesville, BA in Foreign Affairs and Spanish

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