Police arrest two men after seizing suitcases of cash on plane

Two men were arrested at Inagua International Airport yesterday after police discovered suitcases full of cash, suspected to be proceeds of crime, on their airplane.

One of the suspects was in his early 40s and the other in his late 30s, police said.

Police said they had not yet determined where the plane flew in from, but one of the men was the pilot.

The amount of cash in the suitcases had also not yet been determined.

Police said that while conducting an inquiry at the airport around 9 a.m., officers of OPBAT, the DEU and Marine Support Unit noticed when the two men disembarked an aircraft and were acting in a suspicious manner.

“They were approached and they were informed that they were suspected of being in possession of dangerous drugs and firearms and a search was warranted to be conducted,” Assistant Superintendent of Police Audley Peters said.

“The officers conducted a field search and found an undetermined amount of cash on that aircraft. Both suspects were arrested for being in possession of the proceeds of crime and were brought to the capital.” 

Police said the matter will be handed over to the Financial Investigations Branch.

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