Police fatally shoot man in Sea Breeze area

Another man was shot and killed by police yesterday after allegedly pointing a gun at them, according to Police Superintendent Shanta Knowles.

This marks the fourth incident of police shooting someone within the last month.

Three of those men have died.

This latest incident took place on Sea Breeze Drive, although Knowles later said that the man did not live in the area.

“Shortly after 1 p.m., our mobile division officers were on patrol in this community, the Sea Breeze community,” Knowles told reporters at the scene.

“Being vigilant as they were, they noticed a male on a motorcycle, or moped. When the male recognized the officers, he attempted to conceal something into his waistband.

“The officers continued to watch him. At that time, they realized that the man was in possession of a firearm. He pointed the weapon at the officers, who in turn drew their service weapons and fired in the direction of the man, fatally wounding him.

“Of course, you can appreciate how early we are in this investigation, and the fact that once we have completed our work here we will turn this over to Her Majesty’s Coroner so that her team can continue the investigations into this matter.”

Knowles disclosed that the individual was known to police and was being monitored, however, officials did not identify him on the scene.

The weapon the man was allegedly carrying was recovered from the scene, Knowles said.

‘Our officers are well trained’

On February 11, a suspected armed robber was shot by police during an exchange of gunfire at a business establishment on Carmichael Road, according to police.

On February 24, a shootout between police and two suspects on Mackey Street left one man dead and another suffering from gunshot wounds in hospital.

In that incident, police claimed the suspects were about to attempt a robbery of a Royal Bank of Canada location.

Then, on Saturday, police shot and killed a man on Washington Street off Balfour Avenue.

They claim that the suspect pointed a gun at officers who were on a routine patrol.

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames last week warned criminals that they will not win in any encounters with police.

Asked for her response to members of the public that may be concerned about these incidents, Knowles said the force will make its best efforts to protect the community.

“We know that our officers are well trained [and] they act in a professional manner,” she said.

“We know that they are committed to protect the good people of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and they will not back down from that.

“So we want to tell those in the community that we will continue to protect the people in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

“Of course, there will be people who oppose what we do, but we will not let that cause us to lose focus. We will continue to serve the people of The Bahamas to the best of our ability.”

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