Police force recruiting standards remain high

Dear Editor,

We write in response to a letter written to you and published yesterday in which the writer stated that the commissioner of police is “complaining that this village is producing so many idiots that I was obliged to lower the standards for recruitment”.

The commissioner of police wishes to say that at no time during any of his presentations to the general public did he or anyone from his administration say or suggest that he had to lower the standards for recruitment into the Royal Bahamas Police Force, nor did he say or suggest that our communities are producing “idiots”.

This statement is misleading and offensive.

The recruitment standards of the Royal Bahamas Police Force are in line with national and international standards.

Our training officers are internationally trained and certified by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. This makes them qualified to lecture in international law enforcement training facilities.

The commissioner of police is pleased that the Royal Bahamas Police Force is attracting well qualified young Bahamians.

At present, there are approximately 1,000 applicants, many of whom are college graduates, waiting for acceptance into the Police Training College.

The standards of this organization have not been lowered and will not be lowered.

We will continue to seek young people from our communities who are qualified and willing to serve.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force thanks members of the public for their support and looks forward to a continued partnership as we work to create safer communities.

– Royal Bahamas Police Force

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