Police kill elderly suspect

An elderly man was fatally shot by police after he pulled a weapon on an officer at the Fox Hill Police Station, police said.

Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash said the suspect, who is “well in his 70s”, was on bail for causing grievous harm.

Cash said the suspect came into the station around 7 a.m. He was required to sign in as a condition of his bail.

“As he walked into the station, the officer who was on duty at the time, asked him to present his I.D.

“…When officer looked up at the suspect again, the suspect was pointing a handgun in the officer’s face,” Cash said.

“The officer, being in fear, ran from the police station, accompanied with a female officer who was along with him… They hid behind the station. Then they noticed the same male suspect, [who] appeared to be in search of them. The officers produced their weapons, discharged at the male suspect, who also fired on the officers.

“The male suspect then ran west along Ferguson Street and the officers pursued him.  At this point there was an exchange of gunfire, both between the male suspect and the officers. The suspect was fatally shot.”

Cash said police recovered two pistols from the suspect.

Asked if fleeing is a part of police protocol when confronted with an armed suspect, Cash said yes.

“You want to protect your life as much as possible,” he added.

“Even though officers may be armed, if a gun is pointed at you before you have the opportunity, the likelihood of you being shot and killed is there. The officer did the right thing, ran in that case, until he was able to prepare himself better.”

Cash said both officers are traumatized, but otherwise unharmed.

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Krystel Brown

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