Police probing claims of abuse

Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson said yesterday that police are investigating claims by two women that they were beaten by a police officer during a traffic stop on Exuma over the weekend.

Ferguson said he sent a team to Exuma on Sunday to investigate the claims.

Dejah Laing, 19, and her cousin, Aaliyah Bain, 20, claim they were leaving the regatta in Rolleville, Exuma, shortly after 3 a.m. on Sunday when they were pulled over by police for a broken headlight.

Laing, who had a cut lip and blackened right eye that was barely able to open, said her older cousin was driving the car.

“When they pulled him over, they told him to come out of the car and he went to the back of the car,” Laing told The Nassau Guardian at her grandaunt’s home in southeastern New Providence yesterday.

Laing claimed an officer eventually approached her and Bain and told them to exit the car.

She claimed he pushed her against the car and punched her several times.

 She said she was scared during the incident.

Bain said she intervened and volunteered to accompany her cousin and the three policemen on the ride to the police station.

“While I was in the car, I was telling them they [were] wrong for what they did to her – hitting her, causing her to bleed, doing all them stuff,” Bain said.

“The guy got mad.”

Bain claimed an officer then punched her several times and told her to “shut up”.

 She claimed that the officers took her and Laing for a medical examination at the clinic.

She also claimed the officers refused to give them water, let them use the bathroom or let them call their relatives.

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