Police question Long Island MP

Gibson released last night pending further investigation

Long Island member of Parliament Adrian Gibson was taken into police custody and questioned for much of the day yesterday into matters related to the Water and Sewerage Corporation where he served as executive chairman under the Minnis administration, police confirmed.

Police said Gibson came into the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) accompanied by his lawyers, Romona Farquharson and Elsworth Johnson, the former Cabinet minister, after police invited him in for questioning.

Gibson was questioned for “seven or eight hours”, according to police sources. 

He was released last night pending further investigations into the Water and Sewerage issue, police confirmed.

The Nassau Guardian understands that police were expected to search his home last night. Gibson walked out of CID after 7 p.m. but declined to offer a comment to The Nassau Guardian and Our News reporter who had waited outside throughout the day.

Farquharson said she did not want to comment, but when asked whether she felt Gibson was being targeted, she said, “Of course. Of course.”

Asked whether Gibson stands by his “record” as executive chairman, she said, “Yes, he does. We’ll say more after it’s through, but they’re taking him now for a search, so we’re going to deal with that. The process isn’t complete, so we’re dealing with that.”

Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Michael Pintard previously accused the Progressive Liberal Party administration of “targeting” Gibson, but Prime Minister Philip Davis stressed that he will not get involved in a police matter.

Police did not give details on what specifically they were questioning the Long Island MP about.

The Nassau Guardian understands that Gibson drove himself to CID yesterday.

At one point, FNM Chairman Dr. Duane Sands showed up at CID and eventually left.

Gibson was one of only seven FNMs who won seats in the 2021 general election. He was the only FNM incumbent who picked up support in his constituency when compared to 2017.

Gibson left CID in a black SUV after the door was opened for him and he got in the back seat.

His car was still parked at CID, according to police sources.

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Candia Dames

Candia Dames is the executive editor of The Nassau Guardian.

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