Praise for Fort Charlotte Road Traffic Department 

Dear Editor,

I am so pleased to be able to write this letter about my successful experience with Road Traffic this month!

I messaged RTD on their Facebook page for an appointment at Fort Charlotte for my annual car and driver’s license renewals. Within half an hour l received a reply indicating an available spot that same day, which unfortunately l could not make, so l requested another time. Within the hour l had accepted a date for the following morning at 9:30.

Leaving home early, not knowing what traffic would be like, l arrived at 9:15 and was met and pleasantly greeted at the entrance by a young man who took my name and confirmed the appointment time on his list. (NB the RTD entrance is through the corner on the western side by the Girl Guide Headquarters, not on West Bay Street which is the exit).

I was asked to drive to a spot on the line to wait my turn. He patrolled the area directing the three cars ahead of me as to when to pull up for their inspection. Although only one of the two inspection bays was operational this morning, by 9:25 l was pulling into the inspection bay, handed in my insurance papers and driver’s license, was inspected and asked to drive out and park until l was told to go and pay by credit card at the cashier’s window. (NB ONLY CREDIT CARD payments are accepted at this location)

I paid, received my paperwork, was told to return in three business days to pick up my new driver’s license (which I have since done successfully), put on my decal and drove out the exit at 9;40am!! (NB if both inspection bays had been working, l would have left even earlier!)

I was most impressed with the courtesy, organization, and efficiency of the staff and wish to thank them, as well as whoever is responsible for “making it so!”

If only all government agencies could be operated in a similar fashion!

I am well known to speak my mind in letters to the press when I am annoyed by rudeness, disorganization and/or inefficiency which unfortunately happen all too often! Similarly, therefore, it is so encouraging to be able to write a positive letter praising the civil servants at Fort Charlotte’s RTD – a most welcome change!

Yours sincerely,

Pam Burnside

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