‘Preserving Our Coral Reefs’ exhibition on display at D’Aguilar Art Foundation

Beer bottle caps representing treasures in a treasure box, plastic water bottles formed into the shape of fish, colorful yarn for the legs of an octopus, Coca-Cola cans shaped into sting rays and green painted pasta noodles decorating a turtle are just a few of the recycled and everyday objects the students of Uriah McPhee Primary School have used to transform the studio of the D’Aguilar Art Foundation (DAF) into a “rainforest of the sea”.

“Preserving Our Coral Reefs”, an exhibition featuring the artworks of Uriah McPhee Primary School, is on display at DAF through June 15.

Uriah McPhee Primary School recognized March as Science Awareness Month. Students from kindergarten through sixth grade were assigned a project to create 3D sculptures of underwater landscapes along with an oral presentation on the topic: “Conserving the Coral Reefs of The Bahamas”. The project was judged on creativity, projection of voice, factual information, recycled material and scientific thinking.

Saskia D’Aguilar applauded the students for their “stunning” artworks. She acknowledged Uriah McPhee Primary School’s science coordinator, Shaphell Knowles, and school principal Pamela Armaly and the school’s team for allowing DAF to be a part of the school’s art program and for inspiring the talented students to produce such masterpieces.

Armaly said teachers were expected to integrate the theme into their daily lessons and staff members were encouraged to wear items made from recycled materials each day of the week during the month.

“Each morning, all students were introduced to and reviewed vocabulary words followed by a listening comprehension passage about coral reefs and explanations on preservation of coral reefs,” said Armaly.

“Students were fully engaged in applying varied learning styles such as verbal, visual, auditory, social and kinesthetic. Blooms taxonomy was definitely incorporated. Students went from concrete to abstract thinking – from who, what, where – to creating. The greatest elements involved were parents/guardians, students and stakeholders.”

Armaly acknowledged the partnership of the DAF with the school through D’Aguilar and Whitehead. For the past three years, the DAF has operated an after-school art program each Wednesday.

“Uriah McPhee Primary School maintains a supportive and unique relationship between positive stakeholders in the form of an after-school art club. COVID-19 did not steal our joy because we maintained the relationship with our art club throughout the school year.”

Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd celebrated their creative abilities.

Minister of the Environment and Housing Romauld Ferreira underscored the importance of the responsibility of parents, teachers, the government and the private sector to provide a nurturing environment for children.

“The most important thing is the young people. No matter what we do, and how much we do, we want you to be encouraged. I’m pleased to see you are taking responsibility on the environment,” he said.

The exhibition is open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. without an appointment, until June 15. Appointments can be made for other days and times.

Patricia Minnis, wife of Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, clipped the ribbon Thursday, May 20, to officially open the exhibition.

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