Press Club responds to Moultrie

The Bahamas Press Club is appalled by the ruling of Speaker of the House of Assembly Halson Moultrie on Wednesday, that a Nassau Guardian reporter’s cell phone be turned over to the clerk and that images be deleted.

Moultrie then followed that order with a virtual tongue lashing of the Bahamian media, claiming that “false” and “fake” reports and opinionated stories are appearing in the newspapers.

“We would not have a problem with that if the Speaker had given credence to his remarks and stated the false and fake reports, and identified the newspapers,” Press Club President Anthony Capron said.

But he did not.

“We recognize that the Speaker is the presiding officer in the House, the person who must ensure that the rules are observed and are followed. However, he must be careful that he is not seen to be, and does not become a dictator in the Chamber,” Capron said.

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