Prime minister emphasizes commitment to accountability

Dear Editor,

Since taking office in 2017, our Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has delivered on his commitment to bring transparency and accountability to government. These decisive actions are getting results such as strengthening our bond rating as well as giving job creators more confidence about the future and our economic stability.

And the reforms continue to this day, which is resulting in stricter oversight of the $7.4 million that has been donated towards the disaster relief and recovery efforts. Delivering on the commitment to build a more accountable and responsive government, Prime Minister Minnis has announced that public updates will be given periodically, informing Bahamians of every dollar that is raised and how every dollar is spent – true accountability.

Our Free National Movement (FNM) government’s handling of disaster relief funds is a night and day difference from the woeful Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) who focused more on serving themselves at the people’s expense. Relief funds were misappropriated or worse, redirected to the pockets of greedy politicians instead of the victims who needed them the most to put their lives back together. And when it became obvious relief funds were not being used to actually aid relief victims, Bahamians demanded answers. But to no one’s surprise, the woeful PLP failed to even acknowledge the public’s concern.

A new day has dawned and the Minnis Administration is proving that gross negligence and corruption will not be tolerated and the woeful PLP’s incompetence will not be repeated. The FNM applauds Prime Minister Minnis for working to bring accountability and transparency to government, making it truly accountable to the people it serves, especially when it comes to recovery efforts, which the Prime Minister knows must be protected and used appropriately. Bahamians deserve nothing less from their elected leaders.

The Free National Movement

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