Prime minister has been very unfair to the church 

Dear Editor,

I support the position of Pastor T.G. Morrison, who stated that the government does not have the power to tell the church what to do.

He’s a brave, bold warrior for Christ.

More of us should stand up for truth, justice and the church.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu said, “When we remain silent in matters of injustice, we side with the oppressors.”

I, too, believe that the prime minister has been very unfair to the church and has no God-given authority to control God’s church.

He does not have the authority to tell the church how long services should last and demand that we not have communion services.

People over 65 are permitted to enter food stores, automotive stores, pharmacies and banks, but not church. This is not right.

The constitution grants us the right to freedom of worship. We need to examine if this right is being violated. The PM has no authority to control the church or dictate how we worship or when we worship.

We understand the need to follow all of the health precautions such as social distancing and sanitizing in the COVID-19 pandemic and the church has complied.

While supermarkets and automotive stores are filled with customers, our churches are only permitted 10 people. This restriction is unjust and unfair and we appeal to the PM to please remove these as soon as possible.

The church is an essential service like the police, hospitals and pharmacies.

We offer spiritual help, prayers and hope, which are pivotal in these difficult times.

I have observed that a growing number of Bahamians has been scoffing at the church and appear to be anti-God, anti-pastors and anti-church.

They seem to have hatred towards the people of God and are bitter.

I advise them to be careful and change their ways because they cannot win against God.

The spirit of antichrist is much alive in our nation but the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church. Pastors are not perfect, just as those who condemn them are not, but pastors represent the Kingdom of God.

“The Lord preserveth all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy.” — Psalms 145:20 KJV


Bishop Walter S. Hanchell

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