Prime minister treating us with disdain

Dear Editor,

The prime minister is out of order.

Last Monday, he arbitrarily closed beaches on New Providence, Paradise Island and Grand Bahama for the Independence Day holiday weekend.

Yesterday, he arrogantly advised the House of Assembly that his action was prompted by the identification of two new COVID-19 cases on Grand Bahama.

It is more than curious that the prime minister did not allow the medical team, responsible for the country’s response to the disease and who have regularly informed the public on the spread of the disease, to make this latest announcement at a scheduled COVID-19 update press conference.

He was clearly happy for another opportunity to display his medical expertise and to relish in the fact that pesky members of the media could hear but not question him.

Reveling in his medical training, he went to great pains to explain to members of the House of Assembly the terrible potential for COVID-19 to travel through one’s blood system, to damage white blood cells, to enter one’s bones and to have health consequences many years down the road.

Clearly, his intent was to frighten the public in a way to make them susceptible to his actions.

He even admitted to having more information but said that he would not share it. Presumably, members of the House and the general public are not able to deal with too much information at the same time.

I note the obvious.

Until this revelation, Grand Bahama had not had a new case of the disease for 65 days.

New Providence has not had a new infection since June 14.

Paradise Island, as advertisements announcing the reopening of the Atlantis resort proclaim, has not had a single positive COVID-19 case.

The prime minister did not tell us who the new cases were.

The Ministry of Health hours later released its COVID-19 dashboard and a short press release. It said case 105 is a 33-year-old female of Grand Bahama with no history of travel. It said case 106 is a 20-year-old undocumented migrant on Grand Bahama.

No further information was given — except that the two people are “in isolation”.

We do not know whether they are individuals who might have been infected at their place of employment: a hotel, marina, Airbnb, food store or restaurant.

We do not know whether the individuals affected are familiarly related or colleagues in the work place.

The prime minister is treating us with disdain.

This is madness and it must stop.


Concerned Bahamian

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