Private sector group reveals investment plans for Cat Island

A private sector group of Bahamians with linkages to Cat Island is set to invest in three unique, boutique resort properties; and also submit management and operations plans for the Arthur’s Town airport and Bennett’s Harbour Dock to government in July.

Karlos Mackey, who represented the for-profit Orange Creek Redevelopment Partnership and the non-profit Orange Creek Redevelopment Association during the Cat Island Business Outlook yesterday, explained during the outlook that the group of 100 financially active Bahamians with Cat Island ties plan to make the island a commercial and economic powerhouse in the chain of islands, through strategic development.

“While it was expedient early on to focus our outreach on direct neighbors and families in Orange Creek and nearby settlements, we recognize that Cat Island as a whole needs an approach where private organizations and government departments all work together in a complementary manner to foster growth and progress at a rapid and sensible pace,” said Mackey.

He explained that the group’s projects and endeavors have already been presented to the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Tourism, Investments and Aviation.

Mackey said the group wants to see between 5,000 and 7,000 people relocate to Cat Island by 2035, as the island experiences economic growth through some of the group’s projects and others.

He explained that the Arthur’s Town airport has to be redeveloped into a high-functioning airport “with regular domestic and international commercial aviation, concurrently with the redevelopment of the New Bight Airport to service South Cat Island”.

Mackey further explained that there needs to be an airline partnership found for the Arthur’s Town airport, adding that plans to that degree will be presented to the government and the public in July.

The group has also developed plans for three hotel property ideas, and are now in the fundraising stages, Mackey said.

He explained that in the pipeline for North and Central Cat Island are a new beach resort “with a very interesting concept”; a village and cottage marina resort that will “seek to do marinas in a different way”; and a new type of Airbnb-style resort with “community ownership that will create a new model for family island tourism”.

Mackey added that there are also plans for education and healthcare facilities on the island.

Mackey, who is also the chief executive officer of Moneymaxx, said the company will be opening a branch on Cat Island.

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