Public works minister outlines plans to overhaul Village Road

Minister of Public Works Desmond Bannister yesterday outlined plans to overhaul Village Road as a part of planned road improvement works scheduled during this administration’s term.

Bannister said the works would also include upgrades to utility services in the area.

“Village Road, not only are we going to have to go in and do all the utilities but we don’t know what is under Village Road and so we have some consultancies looking now, making some determinations as to how best we can find out what is under Village Road. Then we have a whole plan to upgrade Village Road. So, all those curves and corners, we’re going to upgrade the whole thing,” he said, calling the plans for the upgrades complex.

“So over the next year you’re going to see the engineering studies completed on Village Road, then you’re going to see us go in there and upgrade all the utilities, so that people in those communities can have wonderful service from every utility. Then you’re going to see every one of those corners widened, you’re going to see the government acquiring land so that traffic can flow smoother and then you’re going to see it paved.

“So, there’s a whole process to ensure that roads like Nassau Street, East Street and Village Road are able to serve this country for decades to come. You’re going to see some amazing things happen and you’re going to see the way that traffic ought to flow better.”

Bannister was responding to a question asked by a reporter outside the Churchill Building yesterday about the general condition of roads throughout the capital.

After months of work being done on Nassau Street to run lines to power The Pointe, Bannister said that road is finally being prepared to be repaved.

“We couldn’t do the work on Nassau Street until such time as BPL (Bahamas Power and Light) had actually dug it up and run a cable to The Pointe, because we had an obligation to provide power at a certain level to The Pointe,” he said.

“That is very expensive. That was costly. It took a long time to do. We are satisfied now that the power that is running to The Pointe now is sufficient for their operations and so now that that has been done, all of the utilities have come in, if you’ve seen it you’ll notice that Water and Sewerage has come in, they’ve put in laterals on Nassau Street, they’ve updated everything, Cable Bahamas has come in, telecommunications, so we can now pave Nassau Street.”

Last year, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis announced that the government had launched an extensive roadworks program throughout the country.

Bannister has said it would cost as much as $40 million to complete roadworks projects throughout the country.

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