Purging of BAAA essential after election of officers

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The campaigns leading up to the election of officers to govern the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) for the next four years were contentious, verbally inflammatory and beyond any previous battle for executive control in the history of organized track and field in the country.

On Saturday November 24, those eligible to cast ballots made their choices for executive positions within the BAAA from the president downward. All of those elected will have the obligation to utilize their efforts to steer the organization in the right direction. However, it is that person who emerges as the ultimate leader, the president, who will be the bottom line factor going forward. That person is Drumeco Archer.

At the end of the election process the previous time around, outgoing president Rosamunde Carey and Archer ended on the same executive team as president and secretary general respectively. Over the last several months on the campaign trail, the battle intensified.

What both Carey and Archer should have been aware of, is the necessity for full credibility to be restored to the BAAA. Out of the campaign came sensitive information regarding missing, or incomplete financial reports; questions about certain funding provided to the BAAA; and reportedly, requests for payments not backed in a transparent manner.

A purging of the BAAA is definitely essential.

A large sector of the membership of the BAAA is concerned about the manner in which business has been conducted. There have been many expressions of low, or no confidence in the way the affairs of the BAAA have been attended to, and in instances, the lack of attention. The BAAA belongs to the membership, and not only the executives and persons of preference.

It hasn’t seemed that way, to far too many of those who are within the BAAA family. Club leaders, coaches and elite athletes have felt disenfranchised. They have felt deprived of basic information they are entitled to know. This scenario is not hidden. The woes of the BAAA are common knowledge.

It is time for a new order, a purging of the system. In the interest of maximizing the true potential of the BAAA, Archer should be minded that some major changes are necessary from the way the organization operated in the past. A new order should be his primary objective.

The Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture and her associates were eager to see just who the government of The Bahamas would have to work with over the next four years in projecting the country’s most productive sport. Now they know.

Sponsors who have readily assisted the BAAA would understandably welcome greater transparency.

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the parent body for world track and field, welcomes the new administration.

There is the general awareness of observers, that certain changes regarding how the BAAA operates, would indeed be ideal.

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