QC celebrates 130-year anniversary

Hundreds of students, parents, and alumni of Queen’s College yesterday gathered in the school’s auditorium to celebrate 130 years in existence through songs of praise and reflecting on past achievements.

School Principal Rev. Henry Knowles said, “This anniversary service was the launch of a year-long event.

“We have inductions to our Queen’s College Hall of Fame, we have the Comet Ball, we have ‘QC in The Park’, which is like a family fun day to get alumni back on campus, we have various types of social fundraising events of different categories in order to get things connected and fired up for what the future is going to bring.”

Queen’s College was started in 1890 as an offshoot of the Methodist mission in England.

According to Knowles, the mission wanted to create a local school that will be a premier institution, enabling students to further their studies locally rather than traveling to England.

“So, today we’re celebrating all of the years of accomplishments that we have achieved, our notable alumni, and we’re just thanking God for the many years that’s to come,” he said.  

He added that the school also launched its Principal’s Academy yesterday, which is a workshop for principals across the nation.

“Ten years ago, Queen’s College began to inculcate within our culture, into our curriculum the ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective Individuals – The Leader In Me’,” Knowles said. 

“That has completely transformed our students, our style of teaching, and it’s a part of who we are – our students, our faculty, our maintenance workers, and our office staff.

“We all must commit to the principles for it to become a life-long journey for us because we have found so much success with it in developing our students.”

He said the school will be inviting principals from across the country to mentor, guide, and share the tools Queen’s College used to help turn around and elevate its students. 

Reflecting on the school’s growth over the years, Knowles said, “Queen’s College has come a mighty long way. It started off with about 75 students, particularly all of one race.”

“One of the wonderful parts of our history is that Queen’s College was one of the leaders in bringing racial integration within our nation.

“So, in the 1950’s and 1960’s, we were one of the first schools who took the challenge on as a body and said that we will intentionally invite black students on campus, and over the years it just grew and grew.

“So even as a country, as we moved towards majority rule, Queen’s College was already headed towards that. We laid the foundation upon which many persons have grown upon.” 


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