Raise a Kalik to your ‘hero’

For more than a month, Kalik has been recognizing unsung heroes who play an integral role in bettering the lives of others through their #RaiseAKalik campaign, a platform that allows frontline workers as well as those who may not be on the COVID-19 frontline, but who are fighting daily for a better Bahamas, to receive recognition for their selfless service and acts of kindness.

Participation in the campaign is simple: upload a photo of a hero in your life, tell how they’ve helped out, and use the hashtag #RaiseAKalik; alternatively, email raiseaKalik@heineken.com. Nominated heroes are gifted with a six pack of Kalik, according to Waylon McHardy, senior beer brand manager.

McHardy said Bahamians have been embracing the campaign since its introduction in May.

“The vibrant Bahamian spirit always manifests during troubling times, and with each adversity, we succeed together,” said the brand manager who said they were happy with the support the campaign was receiving from Bahamians at home and abroad.

“Many of the entries are persons other than frontliners who are showing acts of kindness – whether it be rental assistance, the provision of groceries and other necessities, [which] reminds that the Bahamian spirit of brotherhood is still alive and vibrant.”

The campaign is built on recognizing men and women who put service above self, as well as those who epitomize the Bahamian spirit, but go about their daily lives not seeking recognition.

“Every Bahamian who can #RaiseAKalik to that outstanding man or woman should do so, as we embrace the journey to a new Bahamas, but remain true to our foundation of faith, resilience and brotherhood.”

McHardy says at Kalik they feel it’s their duty to recognize the “amazing” men and women that are propelling the nation forward through stellar service and brotherly love.

“Each time there’s an adversity that comes to our shores, the resilient Bahamian spirit which is built on brotherhood manifests, and it’s only fitting that we provide a vehicle for our people to say thank you to their heroes.”

The #RaiseAKalik campaign is expected to climax next week during the country’s 47th independence celebrations.


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