Rebuilding Abaco: possible solutions

Dear Editor,

What we need for our people right now are a couple of aircraft carriers, or smaller ships if draft requires. This way, everyone can have a bed, showers, clean clothes and a hot meal and a place to cry and gather and exchange stories before the rebuild teams start to be put in place. Green Turtle Cay and Treasure Cay would need their own ship.

There is a paper psychological test that has been used very successfully by the group Christ Fellowship in West Palm (gochristfellowship.com; Pastors Todd & Julie Mullins) called “GET IN THE GAME”, based on people helping people.

They grew from five people to 30,000 in a very short span. The test shows everyone’s skill; for example, some people are good at directing traffic, some good with a hammer and nails, some people could help the electrical teams, some people plumbing, some people are good with kids, some can cook or bake bread, some can do administration and paperwork, etc.

That way, while the waters are receding and the essential crews are safely securing the infrastructure, the rebuild teams can start to be organized. Every day the teams will leave the ship, go to work on the rebuild, and then return for a hot shower and a good meal, and some camaraderie, prayers, cards or music, and do the same thing the next day until we are rebuilt.

Seeing the problems starting already in Marsh Harbour, it seems that it would be best if this is a military-style operation.

– Kathleen McCormick

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