Recommendations to reduce murders

Dear Editor,

Four people were shot on Tuesday, including a four-year-old boy and a man, who have died.

People are being murdered on a daily basis now, including women and children.

Citizens For Justice Bahamas is outraged at the level of violence and is calling for an end to the bloodshed and carnage.

New Providence has become like Ukraine, a war zone.

Something must be done and a different plan of action must be taken quickly to reduce the violence and fight crime.

We believe that the Royal Bahamas Police Force will rise to the occasion and expect Commissioner Clayton Fernander to win this battle with great policing strategies and the support of the public.

The murder count for 2022 is on track to exceed last year’s count and the record high set a few years ago, if it continues at this pace.

Here are some recommendations that may help in reducing the murder count and violent crime:

1. Enforce the law 

Our laws on capital punishment are not being enforced.

Cold-blooded murderers are heartless and have no fear of God, man, police or any authority.

They must be removed from society, the biblical way, through state killings for convicted murderers, nothing less.

Our legislators must pass laws that would ensure that people convicted of murder are not allowed to escape the death penalty by the Privy Council, as is the case now.

We have created a lawless society that has evolved into a war zone. Because justice by the state is not carried out, vigilante justice has taken over our streets. Revenge killings and gang wars are prevalent.

We must take some drastic measures immediately if we’re serious about resolving this issue rather than always attempting to be politically correct in the eyes of foreign agencies, human rights activists, the United Nations and the European Union.

Capital punishment, which was established by the Most High God to deal with intentional murder, has been discontinued in many jurisdictions.

We must also legislate much harsher penalties for people convicted of rape, sexual assault of minors and illegal firearm possession.

2. Church outreaches

The church can do much more. Pastors and church (religious) people believe that prayer alone will change things. That’s a lie. Faith without works is dead.

Churches must get out of the comfort of the four walls and go into the communities to minister to our youth with a strategy and anointing to win them over to Christ and change them from within.

The church can make a great impact in reducing crime and violence.

Our problem is that too many pastors and church leaders refuse to deal with social issues as Christ did during His earthly ministry.

They rebel against the command to go into all the world and make disciples, hence, we now have a predominant society that does not know God or His word and they are lacking in godly values and morals.

3. Proper funding for social programs 

The government and the business community must provide proper funding for social outreach programmes for NGOs and stop their lip service.

Volunteers must come forward. Rather than always complaining, members of the public should do something that can assist in resolving some of our many social issues.

4. A workable national development plan

We need a national development plan that is working and effective, ensuring that new opportunities, job creation and the financial empowerment of the masses are realized.

Too many Bahamians are living below the poverty level and life for the average Bahamian is extremely difficult. The high cost of living has reduced the quality of life of the masses.

Homelessness has increased greatly over the years as we see more families, including mothers and their children, being evicted and living in sub-standard accommodations, such as abandoned buildings, derelict vehicles, in their cars and on our beaches.

This is totally unacceptable and this housing crisis must be addressed.

To make matters worse, there is a shortage of available rental units and the costs of these units are now beyond the reach of the average Bahamian.

This critical issue must be resolved immediately. We commend the government of The Bahamas for building affordable homes for needy Bahamians and their plans to construct rent-to-own units for people who cannot qualify for mortgages.

Members of Citizens For Justice Bahamas are calling for the empowerment of the Bahamian people.

Land is wealth.

We call on the government to issue Crown grants of one acre of land with infrastructure to each Bahamian from the estimated 3.5 million acres of Crown land throughout The Bahamas.

When we empower the masses, poverty and crime will be greatly reduced.

We ask that the land dispute on Carmichael Road be resolved without any violence or legal action against people clearing down and claiming land.

Investigations reveal that the majority of the claimants have in fact made application and the process has not been dealt with in a timely manner.

This is a great opportunity to begin the empowerment process rather than battling the people in need of help.

We also call on the Bahamas government to take Bahamian investors seriously and level the playing field.

Citizens must be given the upper hand over foreign investors. Bahamian investors continue to get the red tape while officials roll out the red carpet for foreigners. This oppressive mindset must shift.

We need massive social changes and must address the causes of poverty and crime and implement the necessary changes to restore peace and safeguard our national security.

May the Most High, guide us, have mercy on us all and restore The Bahamas as a God-fearing nation.

Bishop W.S. Hanchell


Citizens For Justice Bahamas

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