Reoffending firearms convict sentenced to three years

A 21-year-old man, who claimed he had a handgun for protection, was yesterday jailed for three years.

David Pierre, who also uses the surname Merace, pleaded guilty to possession of an unlicensed firearm and possession of ammunition, when he appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes.

Police on patrol on Lily of the Valley Corner arrested Pierre after they saw him drop the gun near a car on June 19, the court heard.

Pierre told the magistrate that there had been three attempts on his life since he came out of prison. Pierre was sentenced to one year in prison on October 13, 2017 for the same crime.

He claimed that he decided to arm himself after the third try.

However, Pierre claimed that he had no intention of harming anyone. He told the magistrate that he wanted to frighten the people who were after him.

Forbes told Pierre that it was impossible to use a gun to frighten someone who also had one.

Since Pierre was a re-offender, Forbes sentenced him to three years in prison.


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