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Replacing God

An interesting development is taking place around the world but particularly in major western countries. While many have made it a point of not wanting references to God in their affairs and have launched attacks on persons of faith, particularly the Christian faith, the same persons who have launched these attacks are making God-like decisions and pronouncements. Essentially, the people who say they don’t believe in God are trying to replace him.

You may ask how is this happening and what are some examples of this. Persons of faith are often being told what to believe, what makes sense and what is right or wrong by this group. This group has come up with theories that, to many, are illogical, yet they attempt to or force compliance with threats and legal actions designed to get those with a different opinion to capitulate or be labeled as intolerant, bigoted or mentally deficient.

As an example, let’s look at the new trend of forced acceptance of the notion that people can choose their gender. In all of recorded history this idea never made sense and was never seriously considered, but someone or some persons who are not easily identified, have determined that this makes sense and are forcing this belief on others using legal maneuvering and through utilization of media and systems of learning to force acceptance of what, to billions of people worldwide, is absurd.

My opinion and the opinion of many others on this issue has nothing to do with God or religion but simply does not make any sense whatsoever. How can a man with a penis say he is a woman or identifies as a woman with a straight face? He may feel like a woman in his head, may act like a woman, but the truth according to scientific evidence is that he can never actually be a woman. He can be a modified male who resembles a woman, have surgery to mimic attributes of a woman, but without authentic female characteristics he can never actually be a woman. To me, this is a perfectly logical opinion held by billions of people, yet when someone challenges these absurd ideas they are ostracized, criticized, marginalized, castigated and called intolerant.

How can you tolerate something that has never made sense and only recently has been pushed as something that is logical? Who decides what is right and wrong? Who decides what makes sense? If you are not God, then what you are offering is an opinion and I dare say not a scientifically accurate opinion. Some persons have taken conditions that are clear disorders and attempted to force the world into accepting them as perfectly normal, against most people’s better judgement. Essentially, they have taken the place of God and are now telling us what makes sense even if it does not make any sense to us.

Choosing genders has never been accepted as something that is logical until very recently. What we have are self-appointed “gods” who are now dictating to countries what they should accept and believe even when most citizens in these countries do not believe or accept what many consider absurd ideas. New York now apparently lists 31 genders and is forcing employers and municipal agencies to accept this idea. But one has to wonder who are the originators of this absurdity and how is it that elected officials can impose this on a population that does not, for the most part, accept it. Essentially, this seemingly small group of ideologies have bullied governments and even countries into accepting these ideas.

Unless you are God, the will of the people and the understanding of the people should be accepted, and differing opinions should be welcome. If your theory is true, it should pass the “smell” test and should be easily verified. In most cases there is no verification or validation of these ideas but simply a command to conform or “we will come for you”. If your idea makes sense it should be put forth for debate in the marketplace before being forced on society. The saddest part of this equation is that children are being confused, but teachers are commanded to obey or lose their jobs.

• Pastor Dave Burrows is senior pastor at Bahamas Faith Ministries International. Feel free to email comments, whether you agree or disagree, to pastordaveburrows
@hotmail.com. I appreciate your input and dialogue. We become better when we discuss, examine and exchange.

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