Residents urged to keep an eye on storm

While Tropical Storm Dorian was still in the Lesser Antilles, meteorologist Greg Thompson yesterday urged residents to keep an eye on the system, as it is projected to be a tropical storm when it enters Bahamian waters and could strengthen.

“By the time it gets just west of the Lesser Antilles, they expect it to strengthen to a hurricane,” he said.

“That’s about late Tuesday into Wednesday timeframe, and continue a west-northwest to northwest track until about Thursday by the time it hits Hispaniola.

“As you know, Hispaniola and Puerto Rico both have some mountains.

“…That is expected to at least weaken the system somewhat before it enters the southeast Bahamas which would be early Friday morning.”

Thompson added, “It should weaken possibly back down to a tropical storm and move through The Bahamas up until Saturday or Sunday timeframe.

“Of course, once it gets back over open waters, there’s a possibility that it could strengthen somewhat still, but it is expected to encounter, along with the mountainous terrain on Hispaniola, some upper-level shear as well as some dry air.”

He added, “We are asking everybody to continue to monitor the progress of the system. As I said, once it gets back over open waters, it could strengthen somewhat again.

“…The waters around us are very warm, and that’s what these systems feed off. So residents throughout The Bahamas, the entire chain, as well as the Turks and Caicos Islands, we are asking you to continue to monitor the progress of this system over the next couple of days.”

Dorian is the fourth named storm of this year’s Atlantic hurricane season.

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