Respectable showing by UB golf team over weekend

MIAMI LAKES, Florida – The UB Mingoes golf team turned in respectable scores over the weekend during two sets of competitions in the South Florida area.

The men’s and women’s teams took on Keiser University on Friday, October 4, 2019, in the West Palm Beach area, and St. Thomas University on Saturday, October 5, 2019, in Miami Lakes.

“Both teams had pretty good scores both days considering we are developing both teams here at the university,” said Head Coach Jim Duncombe. “Overall, I’m very proud of the way they played this weekend.”

Duncombe said that with the addition of four more men and three more women, the team could be incredible.

“I think if we can pull that off, we will have a very strong team,” he said.

UB vs. Keiser

WELLINGTON, Florida – The men’s team of Rayshard Gibson and John Hall scored 24.5 points against Keiser’s 38 in match play on Friday in West Palm Beach at The Wanderer’s Club. Gibson also shot 83 while Hall shot 90.

“I had four birdies on the day so I felt pretty good about my play,” Gibson said. “I was really focused.”

Jovannah Moxey faced off with one golfer in the women’s competition in a scramble format. She shot 90 to finish second.

UB vs. St. Thomas University

MIAMI LAKES, Florida – Hall had the best day for the team, shooting 86 against two strong St. Thomas competitors who shot 79 and 85 in stroke play at the Don Shula Golf Course in Miami Lakes.

Gibson shot 92 against two competitors who turned in 70 and 81 scorecards.

“Today was a bit more rough and more windy,” said Head Coach Duncombe. “They were doing good on the front nine, but I think they got overanxious and was trying to beat people bad and then you run into problem.”

Moxey shot 99 on the afternoon against her lone competitor who shot 69.

Hall said he felt that his play could have been a lot better. “I just have to practice more,” he said. “I hit a lot of fairways which I’m happy about, but my second shot just wasn’t there for me today.”

Gibson felt his short game was working with him in the afternoon, but he felt it was an alright performance. “My lack of knowledge of the course really hurt me today,” he said.

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