Responding to AG on Crown land issue 

Dear Editor,

Subsequent to the attorney general’s press release dated May 5, 2021 captioned “leaked communications”, the attorney general needs to please check his facts as he did not call me into a meeting to “negotiate” on February 27, 2020, just a few weeks after I signed, notarized, sealed and returned the Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club’s Crown Land lease.

He told me, amongst other things, that they were moving me down the beach. In the spirit of healthy negotiations, he should have asked if I was willing to move my agreed upon parcel.

He was not prepared to put what he was “offering” in writing. He would not even give me a copy of the plan highlighting where they were attempting to shove me on honeycomb rock to operate a beach club to consider.

Further, he refers in his press release citing “his Proposed lease of Crown land on Paradise Island”. 

The Department of Lands & Surveys was commissioned in conjunction with multiple government agencies, including the Bahamas Investment Authority and even the attorney general’s office themselves to draft the Crown land lease agreement.

The Department of Lands & Surveys offered on behalf of the government of The Bahamas a Crown land lease and accompanied with a cover letter dated January 7, 2020 Stating “APPROVAL CROWN LAND LEASE – FIVE (2+3) ACRES AT THE WEST END OF PARADISE ISLAND- PARADISE ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE AND BEACH CLUB COMPANY LIMITED”.

The Crown land lease was provided to Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club Co. Ltd., was accepted in its entirety and returned to The Department of Lands & Surveys on January 9, 2020 exactly as outlined in the Department of Lands & Surveys’ cover letter to do same.

Please note that the Crown land lease was signed in the presence of Mr. Adrian White, as witness, attorney, executive chairman of Town Planning and notarized by same.

For the sake of good order, Paradise Island Lighthouse & Beach Club has every faith in The Bahamas justice system for a fair trial and looks forward to our day in court and wishes to publicly thank Bahamians and the general public for their kind support.

May the light shine on.

Toby Smith

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