Retired Assistant Superintendent Thomas Jaciel Williams

Semi-Military Funeral service for the late Retired Assistant Superintendent Thomas Jaciel Williams, 81 years of Robinson Road and formerly of Upper Bogue, Eleuthera, will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, September 23rd, 2022 at St. Agnes Anglican Church, Baillou Hill Road.  Celebrant The Venerable Archdeacon Keith Cartwright, assisted by The Most Rev’d Drexel Gomez and other members of the clergy.  Interment will follow in St. Agnes Cemetery, Nassau Street.

Due to current Government regulations in respect of Covid-19, masks and physical distancing are required. 

Left to cherish his memories are his devoted wife of over 51 years: Daphne Anette neé “Knowles”; Children: Mishelette “Shelly” Williams, Shannel Marie (Beryn) Neeley, Juliette Antoinette Williams, Dr. Crystal Lynette (Dr. Roy) Maynard Jr.; Grandchildren: Khai Daelyn Averi Neeley, Roy (RJ) Douglas Maynard III, Roman William Maynard; Aunt: Muriel Williams; In laws: Barbara & Moses Major, Edna & Rupert Forde of Winnipeg Canada, Eulamae Ellis of West Palm Beach Florida, Maria Russell of Fort Lauderdale Florida, Frederick & Tryphena Knowles of McKanns Long Island, Joseph & Susan Knowles of Marsh Harbor, Abaco, Frizzy Williams of North Eleuthera, Aubrey Tucker; Nieces & Nephews: Sr. TCN Alkeitha & Jerry Colebrooke, Charisse &William Lunn, Jacqueline & Howard Martin, Elizabeth & Carlton Russell, Kirkland & Laura Williams, Kenrick  & Shacantila Williams, Leslie Williams, Rosetta & Samuel Johnson, Royal and Victor Williams, Merita Major, Errol & Erva Ward, Dr. Paul & Mavis Ward, Alexander Ward, Louise Black, Marion Cooper, Ann & John Huyler; Christopher Robles, Wendy Munroe, Debbie Tucker-Smith, Aubrey & Zantea Tucker Jr., Patricia Tucker-Curtiss, Dr. Ricardo & Monique Crawford, Anthony Major of Miami Florida, Richard & Sandra Knowles, John & Joy Loewen, Daniel & Patricia Forde, David & Christel Forde of Winnipeg Canada, Mark & Oksana Forde of Ottawa Canada, Patrick and Dianna Knowles, Elvis & Bethany Ellis, Ena and Yvette Ellis of West Palm Beach, Jerome & Elease Coney of New Jersey, Vaughn & Antoinette Malakius, Walter & Angie Lightbourne, Salathiel and Samantha Russell, Chatan Rusell, Tia & Frankie Williams, Gee & Sabrina Rolle and Josette Knowles; Cousins: The family of the late Carlton & Leonie Farquharson, the family of the late Deaconess Catherine Storr, Vivian Joseph, the family of the late Kermit C & Doreen Williams, Rosemary Hunt & family, Sister Agatha Hunt & family, Rudolph & Betty Williams & family, Ruth Williams, the family of the late Desmond Williams, the family of the late Ena Deleveaux & family, the family of the late Erma Williams & family (Chief Elred (Ellie) Saunders, Gary & Anatasia Williams, Deidra & Keith Sands & family), the family of the late Paulette Martin & family, Rev’d Winston & Parnel Barker & family, Donna Williams & family, Lynn Wright & family, Anthony & Phillipa Williams & family, Portia Barnett & family; Other relatives & family including: The Storrs family, Mr. & Mrs. Garnet F. Knowles and family, Jerome Sawyer, Ricardo Knowles, Hope Strachan, the Knowles family, The Most Rev’d Drexel W. Gomez & Mrs. Gomez & family, Mr. & Mrs. Andy Gomez & family, Dr. Pandora Johnson, Mrs. Gloria Crawford and family, the family of the late Bishop Theopilus & Mrs. Blooming Neeley & family, Mr. Roy Maynard & Dr. Ann Linton Maynard & family, & Mrs. Mary Nelson & family and a host other numerous family members; Numerous friends including: Mrs. Cora Johnson and family, Mrs.Ethel Johnson and family, Mrs. Letitia Curry & family, Mrs. Rosemarie Thompson, Dr. Emily Osadebay & family, Nurse Juliette Minnis, Mr. & Mrs. James Bain & family, Mrs. Dorothy Ferguson & family, Mrs. Erica Reckley & family, Mr. Ishmael Lightbourne & family, Mrs. Patricia Roberts, Mrs. Florinda Armbrister, Mrs. Annette Cartwright, Mrs. Constance Comery & family, Mrs. Jeslyn Mackey & family, Mr. & Mrs. Raphael Cartwright and family, Mr. Lowell Fernander & family, Mr. Brandford Chase & family, Kimberly Hunter & family, Dr. Gertrude Holder & family, Chantal Williams & family, Samita Ferguson & family, Khalil Elliott & family, Annalisa & Shervin Johnson, Steine Campbell and family, Mr. Michael Fernander (J.R.), Mr. Godfrey Bannister and family, Mrs. Maxine Bullard & family, Mrs. Carol Hanna & family, Mrs. Margaret Inniss & family, Adrian & Tiffany Edgecombe & family, Toriano & Siobhan Lloyd & family, Rev’d Fr. Dave Thomas & Mrs. Thomas, Rev’d Fr. Bernard & Mrs. Been, Constance Lightbourne, Pastor Kevin & Mrs. Harris, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bullard, Verlene Harris & family, Mrs. Ethel Claridge & family, Mrs. Claudette Charlton & family, the family of the late Mr. & Mrs. Courtney Strachan Sr,  Mr. Tyrone Neeley & family, Mr. Patrick Johnson,  Mr. Billy Joe Kemp & family, Mrs. Francina & Barbara Cleare, the Royal Bahamas Police Force family (the Police Reserves officers, Security & Intelligence Branch), the Royal Bank of Canada retirees, the Management & staff of ScotiaWealth Management (especially the Client Accounting Department), the Management & staff of the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (especially the Examinations Department); and a host of other relatives and friends too numerous to mention; Special thanks to: The Rt. Rev’d Laish Boyd and Mrs. Boyd, Venerable Archdeacon Keith Cartwright, Rev.Fr, Ruel Strachan, Archdeacon I. Ranfurly Brown & Mrs. Brown, Canon Warren Rolle & Mrs. Rolle, Rev’d. Fr. James Moultrie & Mrs. Moultrie, Archdeacon Dwight Rolle & Mrs. Rolle, Canon Stephen Davies, Bishop Hulan Hanna, Rev’d Fr. Chester Burton, Dr. Dave & Angela Burrows, Pastor Kersh & Suzette Darville, Bahamas Faith Ministry Pastoral team & Church family,  Mr. Pembroke Williams, Dr. Beverton Moxey, Dr. Clyde Munnings, Nurse Margaret Rodgers, Dr. Cornville S. Brown, Nurse Celeste King, Dr. Roy Flood, Memorial Health Hospital Savannah, St. Joseph Candler Hospital Savannah, St. Agnes Church family, Mr. Preston Ferguson and St. Agnes Choirs, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dean and family, Ms. Elsie Strachan, Mr. William Wallace, Mrs. Verna Elcock, Mrs. Gwen McDeigan, Ms. Rosemary Hanna, Mr. & Mrs. David Knowles, Dorcas House family, St. Agnes Finance team, Ms. Kimberly Higgs and Ms. Andrea Harris, St. Agnes ACW, Mr. Rudolph Stubbs & the Usher board family, Ms. Stephanie McSweeney, Dwight Dorsett, John Darville, Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander, former Commissioner Ellison Greenslade, former Commissioner Reginald Ferguson & Mrs. Ferguson, former Commissioner Paul Farquharson & family, former Assistant Commissioner Stephen Seymour & family, Chief Superintendent Kenrid Neeley, Reserve Officer Mr. Seymour, Reserve Officer Mr. Bannister, St. John’s College Family (Class of 1987,1988,1996 & 2002), Mrs. Arlene Nash and family, Georgetown Dental Family, Smile Doctors Family and Bethel Brothers Morticians

May His Soul Rest in Peace!

Friends may pay their last respects at The Paul Farquharson building at Police Headquarters, East Street on Thursday September 22nd, 2022 from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m.   There will be no viewing at the church.

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