Reverend Valentino Williams to be consecrated to the office of bishop

Reverend Valentino Williams is about to ascend to a new tier in spiritual leadership, one that will position him to lead not only his church, but churches throughout the region, and eventually the world.

He is known for his fiery and passionate sermons that touch souls and change lives. He is youthful and progressive, and his church, Life Changers Ministries International, continues to grow by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2003. People from throughout New Providence flock to the church on Bacardi Road to hear his riveting sermons and be touched by the love and hospitality of his wife, Pastor Cleopatra Williams, and the Life Changers family.

But Williams has been lifted to a higher calling. On Tuesday, November 29, 2022, he will be consecrated to the office of bishop in a special ecumenical service at his church. The chief consecrator will be Bishop Neil C. Ellis. Williams will not only serve as bishop of his church, but he will also become the presiding bishop of Kingdom Covenant Fellowship.

Established in 2020, Kingdom Covenant Fellowship (KCF) is a movement to create strong and healthy churches, ministries and organizations. KCF believes that God exists in three persons: father, son and holy spirit. It sees the church as God’s agent of change in the Earth, and that God’s word is authentic and infallible. Faith, it says, is the currency of the kingdom of God. Members are encouraged to discipline themselves with prayer and fasting. Men and women of God, says KCF, should be people of integrity and reputable character, and when the people of God unite, they become unstoppable.

Williams was first ordained as a pastor on September 23, 2003. Life Changers Ministries International started in a storefront on Pitt Road. By May of 2008, the church moved to Bacardi Road. There, faithful followers worshipped under a tent for 13 months. They gladly welcomed their first structure in June of 2009. It was a 3,000-square-foot edifice, where they carried out weekly services for seven years. The church continued to grow in popularity, attracting young people, families and people from various backgrounds, until the building had to be expanded. From 2016 to the present, Life Changers has operated out of a massive 21,000-square-foot church building, which serves as a multipurpose facility.

“God honors faithfulness, because faithfulness honors God,” Williams said.

“One of my guiding philosophies of ministry is that we should be faithful over what God has entrusted to our care. I’ve seen God bless me over the years at every stage of my ministry because of faithfulness. The core values of our church are faith, empowerment, excellence and integrity.”

During the month of November,  Williams has been speaking on the topic of freedom. The purpose for this series is to equip and empower believers to experience spiritual freedom in their Christian journey. Sermons including “Freedom Belongs to You”, “Freedom from Fear” and “Freedom from Anxiety” have been presented to the members and guests of Life Changers. They are based on the following Bible references: Luke 4:18, which explains how Jesus came to Earth to bring freedom to mankind; and John 10:10, which shows that God wants people free from every type of bondage in their lives.

“This call God had on my life began 29 years ago, in April of 1993,” Williams recalls.

“I was called to impact my generation and bring souls into the Kingdom of God. That has been my life’s mission from then until now. Over the past 29 years, I have helped countless people find their purpose, build their faith and maximize their life’s potential. Being consecrated to the office of bishop increases my ability to reach, impact and influence my generation. Moving forward, I intend to remain focused on advancing the agenda of the kingdom of God and living a life pleasing unto God.”

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