Ricardo’s season of change

Sometimes, without permission, life brings change – a change that cannot be deflected, or derailed. The season will change irrespective of a person’s willingness to embrace it. But embracing and maximizing each season serves growth that sometimes is an evolution, and other times looks like a complete reinvention.

Ricardo Miller, family ministry pastor and life coach, has recently gone through such a change, but embraces the fact that growth takes people from where they are to where they ought to be and functioning as they should.

“Anything not growing is stagnant, and all stagnant things soon die,” said Miller.

With that said, Miller’s focus has transitioned fully from that of children’s ministry pastor, to training children’s ministry leaders to take up the mantle and continue the race.

“Long after I exit the scene, I want to know that the work I’ve done continues,” said Miller who is now known as a family ministry pastor. “I believe that if your ministry and mission dies with you, then you weren’t successful – and that you can’t have true success without a successor.”

Miller said success is thinking generationally.

“My purpose has taken on another facet. I’m still committed to work of empowerment, [but] I am now helping professionals figure out how to align their family, values, career, passions, and joys – bringing everything together so that they can go the distance and win in every area. I can now coach a broader field of individuals seeking to make an impact and build a lasting legacy. It’s a new day for Ricardo Miller and I’m excited about this next season.”

For decades, Miller led a campaign to reach young people around the world through Ricardo Miller Children’s Ministries, and he said his mission remains the same – empowering and inspiring lives for the kingdom – but after transitioning, he said his assignment has now taken on a new look, and he has fully transitioned to serving as a leader of leaders, with his focus fully on training children’s ministry leaders.

Miller, who is also a life coach, said with growth in any area of a person’s life, there should be a “pouring out” so they can be “refilled” for the next level.

“As we grow, someone should be the beneficiary of what we know and what we’ve been able to accomplish. There should be others waiting to continue building when we transition. In all of his wisdom and magnificence, the late Dr. Myles Munroe, in one of his thought-shifting messages, spoke of great leaders going to their graves with the baton in their hands, rather than passing it off to the emerging leaders to run a strong race.”

Miller said he found it interesting that when he announced his transition from frontline children’s ministry, that many people were baffled, considering he had put in two-plus decades in the service of children.

It was 24 years ago, Miller said that God made the call on his life through his spiritual father, Apostle Raymond Wells of Living Waters Kingdom Ministry. Miller said without apprehension, he accepted the call, which he said resulted in him wholeheartedly committing his life to serving children, mainly through his Words at Work Children’s Ministry that was later changed to Ricardo Miller Children’s Ministries, based out of Dallas, Texas.

“Children’s ministry literally took me around the world, and became the thing people associated me with. Dubbed ‘the children’s ministry guy’, I fervently served children and equipped leaders for the kingdom of God, encouraging them to be all that God destined them to be.”

Miller said he feels blessed having witnessed the many lives that were impacted and still are being impacted with countless children having grown up to become adults and move on to college, get married, and start their own family.

“Nothing compares to the fulfillment of living a full-out, purposeful life. And leading in children’s ministry gave me that. Admittedly, I could’ve spent more time in the frontline children’s ministry space, but timing is everything and it’s important that we know when to transition from one season to another.”

With that in mind, a delegation of children’s ministry and youth leaders will join Miller in Dallas, Texas for his 4th Annual Life Management Leadership Retreat, April 16-18 under the theme “Becoming”.

The retreat will serve to teach them how to move from a stagnant place to a vibrant, productive one, equipping attendees with the appropriate strategies on how to connect with the next generation, learn new trends and practices that will help them to succeed in their purpose, as well as manage their personal lives in an exceptional way.

Miller promises the delegates will leave empowered, refueled and refreshed.

And he promises that though much has changed, and will continue to change, the one constant is that he’s the same island boy, who became a man with a fire that can’t be quenched.

“I am passionate about positively impacting lives [and] there is no stopping me now. I am cranking up the intensity on my purposeful and impactful life,” he said.

“For years, my mantra has been ‘getting better with age’. I see evidence of me getting better with age and there is no sign of my stopping now. The baton has been passed in one sphere, and grabbed in another. My transition was smooth and the baton flawlessly carried on for the race to continue.”

Miller also established the National Children’s Ministry Day initiative that celebrates children’s ministry on October 11 in The Bahamas, which he said he will continue to commemorate.

As his ministry and focus evolves, the family ministry pastor encourages people to reflect upon their own change and determine in which area of their life their greatness is being stifled because they won’t give themselves permission to see themselves beyond who they are right now. He encourages people to look at what areas they can reinvent themselves, and what old victories they were holding onto and repeatedly living, in an attempt to remain relevant. He encourages everyone to further look at who they are allowing to keep them from being able to come into the fullness of their greatness and after having served out their time, who they can pass the baton on to.

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