Rik and Charisa deliver the ‘ENERGY’

What started out as a track idea that Rik Carey was working on during the 2020 lockdowns has emerged into a collaboration with Charisa Smith on a song that they hope inspires people to keep going toward their life’s goals – and to remind themselves that whatever their personal challenges, they can rise above them with the right “energy”.

“Somehow, the track led me to wanting to connect with Charisa and see if she would be down for collaborating with me,” said carey of the single “ENERGY” which was released in late November.

The single’s takeaway message from carey and Charisa is that you would be surprised how far in life you can get if you work hard at it and prepare for it.

“ENERGY” features a blend of pop along with rake ‘n’ scrape.

carey has had a long history of producing music this way and it has done well for him throughout his career as a creative generally. He does what’s in his heart.

“I’m not big on trendy stuff that’s out there musically. I think my music will reach to whomever receives it,” he said.

The “ENERGY” track has hints of Junkanoo on it, based in the drum patterns. carey ensures that his Bahamian integrity is present in most of his sound because he said he loves making his music as socially palatable as much as he can.

carey is proud of his collaboration with Charisa on the single which they worked on during a time when they were going through a “pretty dark time in our lives”. He said the spirits just seemed to connect them to do the song together.

“I don’t know … divine intervention, I guess? All I know is that she is a really awesome vocalist, truly one of the best I have heard locally,” said Carey.

And it didn’t hurt that Carey has always liked Charisa’s voice and vibe.

carey is also proud of the fact that he was able to put out a song with a digestible message – something he said he hadn’t done in a while prior to the release of “ENERGY”.

“I was so preoccupied on party vibes and songs about chasing skirts – it’s good to have a good mix of many subjects, though.

“I don’t produce music that fast, so I take my time to have the right feeling and vibe to each element of the song. I have developed a really solid notch for what I produce. Can’t speak for anybody else’s creative process but I don’t stick to one genre of music. I never was one to be boxed into one category even though I feel I produce Junkanoo music and rake and scrape music pretty well.”

“ENERGY” was written by carey and Charisa. Production and programming were done by carey for C Sharp Productions Bahamas Ltd. And mixed and mastered at C Sharp Productions Bahamas Studio.

Musicians on the track include Pat Carey on electric guitar, Jermaine Johnson on bass guitar, and Lamont Gibson on trumpet.

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