Road Traffic Department still serving public

The Road Traffic Department has continued to serve the public since lockdowns were implemented at the end of March.

Although the department is currently only operating from its main National Stadium center, Acting Controller Bradley Sands said it is business as usual save for a few minor adjustments – namely offering curbside services three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and a change in time, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., on those days.

Relevant services are being offered, including the licensing and inspection of vehicles, transfers of ownership of vehicles, purchase of new license plates and renewals only of drivers licenses. The issuance of new licenses has been placed on hold in order to respect COVID-19 protocols, as new licenses require photograph to be taken on-site.

Sands noted: “Currently, we don’t offer the issuance of first-time licenses simply because that would require the customer to come inside, remove their masks, etc. As we are trying to respect the protocols, we have canceled this service at this time.”

The department has been offering curbside service, with runners assisting patrons while they are still inside their vehicles. This, said Sands, makes it unnecessary for customers to leave their vehicles.

As it relates to payment for services, Sands said all of the mechanisms are in place outside to handle all types of payments, including cash, debit and credit card payments.

He said since the center is open only on the days stipulated in the emergency orders, there has been a heavy flow of business.

Sands said they have implemented a cut-off time at midday, but all customers who have completed their inspection will be served even if the department is officially closed to the public for the day.

On average, the costs to license vehicles are as follows: $195 for small vehicles, $595 for medium-sized vehicles and $759 for large vehicles.

The cost to renew a driver’s license is $20 and the cost for new plates is $15.

This is only a guideline, however, as customers may request various services and the costs would be reflected accordingly.

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