Robert Constant launches latest book

When Saniyah and Robbie get an opportunity to visit their grandmother in New Providence, they soon realize that keeping in touch online could never compare to saying “Hello Grandma!” in person.

Join the siblings in an exciting adventure as they make up for lost time with grandma by experiencing the best that the colorful Caribbean way of life has to offer; immersing themselves in their family’s Bahamian customs and culture along the way in a book by Robert E. Constant, who is of Bahamian descent.

In “Hello Grandma!” Constant takes readers on a journey to the island of New Providence. Through the lens of a curious child, readers are exposed to Bahamian music, festivals, food, customs, and beautiful wildlife. The story uses vibrant illustrations to highlight the importance of family while celebrating the Caribbean for all of its heritage and traditions.

Constant said he wrote “Hello Grandma!” with the hope that it would shed light on the beautiful and vast culture of The Bahamas, which has played a significant role in his life.

Constant has been traveling to The Bahamas since he was six weeks old. He was baptized in St. George’s Anglican Church in the Valley.

He received his Bachelor’s from Tuskegee University in 1998 and his Master’s in sports administration from St. Thomas University in 2001. Throughout his career, he has worked with many American universities, including Southern Methodist University, the University of Virginia, and Rutgers University. He currently serves as the associate director of leadership gifts at Princeton University.

Dr. Rodney Smith, president, University of The Bahamas, said the book is not only an enjoyable read, but educational, exposing young readers to the culture, food and excitement of visiting, exploring, and totally enjoying island life.

“Through this book, children all over the world can share in this Bahamas vacation while learning about the language and treasures of Bahamian culture,” said Smith.

“Hello Grandma!” with illustrations by James Zeger, is Constant’s second children’s book, preceded by “Hey Tuskegee!”.

Constant will launch “Hello Grandma!” in The Bahamas on Saturday, January 18, at Logos Bookstore in the Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza between 12 noon and 2 p.m.

“Hello Grandma!” is also available online with Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble, BAM! Books.A.Million and Mascot Books.

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